Among Us Player Count Increased drastically After Epic Games Giveaway

Last year, the gaming world was stormy by the launch of Among Us. The once dark social deduction game for 2018 turned a worldwide feeling throughout the duration of the day. And even though the popularity of the game seemed to have peaked, a recent surge in the number of players demonstrates that time is left for Among Us.

After a weekly present at the Epic Games Store, their number of daily players has increased more than fivefold. On Saturday, 29 May, two million gamers got registered, compared to around 350,000 last Saturday.

There are several reasons behind this huge rise, with only one of them being the free present on the Epic Games Store. Victoria Tran, the community manager, spoke with several of them on Monday in a pair of tweets. It was the weekend of Memorial Day in the United States, as American readers know. The weekend of 3 days allowed many US gamers more opportunity to test out the game. She also indicated that the “new” players were not all new people necessarily. Some gamers attempt to see what they enjoy most with us on numerous platforms. The gift provided an additional incentive on a PC.

Yet, a significant milestone is two million in a day. Even if they were not entirely new players, a substantial portion would probably be. While more players are normally seen over the weekend, the peak on Saturday was really outstanding. Whilst it is doubtful that the game will keep these numbers for a long time, it indicates that it is not much trend for Among Us.

Innersloth has always been a sleeper hit with Among Us on the Unity Game Engine. In 2018, it opened its doors in an initially orderly reception inspired by hidden role-party and vintage science-fiction horror films. It only got the attention of creators of Internet content from South Korea and Brazil. It then started on Twitch and became a global craze, with COVID-19 pushing indoor thousands of participants.

The game had around 438,000 concurrent players on Steam during its highest popularity at the end of August 2020. Over the past few months, the game’s player base has declined, but it is still far from unpopular. The surge on Saturday implies that in the future, Among Us can still be successful.

In September last year, Innersloth canceled a follow-up planned and decided to keep working with Among Us Active Development. Planned features have instead been merged into Among Us, with a considerable rework of the game code to adapt to the new content. Only time can tell whether it is the right option, but it seems to pay off thus far.

About Among Us:

Among us is a computer game that was designed by the InnerSloth firm and published in 2018 as a “social deduction game for online multiplayer,” in which up to 10 players run around in a virtual spacecraft performing traditional maintenance activities while attempting to find out who the “impostors” are before they destroy everything. Remember Mafia’s game or sleepover? It’s that, practically unless you’re small astronauts from blobby.

At the beginning of the game, the Skeld, a random role, is assigned to four to ten players. You can be a frequent crewmate to complete before the round ends, from inspecting your health conditions to tracking the ship’s trajectory, or you’ll be an enforcer to pretend to do fake assignments while actually selecting and killing the players on the ship. They can also sabotage the whole boat, release oxygen or break the reactor so that people can fit things.

When a body is discovered, the person who discovers it informs the other players, and a gathering takes place to talk about who the impostor is (or are, if there are several). They vote, and anyone who gets the majority of votes is removed, and the round continues until an emergency meeting is located or someone calls. If you are an impostor, your aim will be that all the players except you cast votes as convincingly as possible. You should see who’s the other, so you don’t go after each other, whether there are different impostors and one you are.

You should limit your visual area to your surroundings if you are a crew member (even smaller if someone turns off the lights). You should see where everyone else is on the screen, whether you are an impostor. The cameras in other rooms can also be looked at, and some can be seen on other ships. However, it is important to remember that not all of you may think when you say the rest of the crew, even though you see someone murdered right in front of you.