PUBG Mobile Patch 1.4 Brings New Features, Know More

As the Krafton mobile company continues to move on to India with the PUBG title, it is now going to get a new patch with new functionality for PUBG mobile users in other regions. One of them takes the game, a step up by presenting 2 of Monster Kong and Godzilla’s most fervent rivals. Your UMP, UZI, and AWMs would also probably not work.

As part of Patch 1.4 that affects gamers until Tuesday and June 8. It has been confirmed that Mechagodzilla (spoiler for those who have not yet seen the film) will be present during the game not only at Godzilla and King Kong but also randomly. You, players, and other creatures (especially monsters) can destroy the world around you. They’ll also drop down some energy crystals that can boost your game experience and skills and gain an edge over your competitors. These can be used to burn, detect players in the vicinity and beyond.

Even, from 25 May, by boarding a helicopter in the lobby you can play the case final Titan Last Stand. Other updates include a new overview, a new Arena mode map, and a new Coup RB which is the fastest vehicle ever in the game till now.

There is no official launch date yet for Battlegrounds Mobile India. The title is however intended to cover exclusive in-game activities such as equipment, features, and its own esports environment, along with competitions and leagues.

About PUBG Scene in India

Because of national security issues, PUBG Mobile was banned in India last September. Yet PUBG Mobile reintroduced as Battlegrounds Mobile India in the Indian market yesterday. Krafton, the developer of the game, says Battlegrounds Mobile India is legalized in the country according to all government laws. Although the launch date is still undisclosed for Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton announced plenty of detailed information about the game on its official website, including rules for players under the age of 18. Here is everything you need to know about the game if you are excited about the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India too.

Krafton has also not confirmed the launch date (i.e., when it is available for download) for Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, the developer has announced that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be pre-registered before the game in the country is released. That is why Battlegrounds Mobile India is likely to launch the game in the next few weeks because the official website has now been live for the game.

Krafton revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India is launching in the country as a “free” game app. This means you don’t have to pay for the game. Although no specific information is given, Battlegrounds Mobile India will most likely be released and downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, Android, and iOS platforms.