Marvel’s Avengers Marketplace Updates about Outfits

While Marvel’s Avengers does include buying Challenge Cards for any add-on hero, the market is certainly the main recurring source of revenue. The cosmetic options on the market rotate on a weekly basis, and the recent inclusion of a small number of events to the game has recently begun to give players who are eager to spend some true world dollars and cents for the goods a bit of fun and diversity.

The Tachyon Anomaly case featured some very cool Lite Brite-looking costumes, and now more exclusive cosmetics come with the beginning of the Red Room Event and other events. Marvel’s Avengers update this week features a lot more than new animated naming plates including a black widow MCU-inspired mask, one hero’s beach equipment, and black and red red Red Room first half to complete heroes’ lists. Players can now start to explore the market this week to see if any new cosmetics are worth their expense. The costumes aren’t always inexpensive and choosing all available will easily become a very costly habit, so players should take a close look at all available before purchasing.

Black Widow Endgame Outfit

As promised, the time has come to start making way for the official MCU-inspired outfits. A brand-new Black Widow outfit inspired by her look in Avengers Endgame is part of the marketplace update this week…

Red Room Outfits

Since the first announcement of the Roadmap of Avengers, the Red Room equipment range was often teased. The Black Widow tie-in case finally takes place just around the corner and the first half of the Red Room outfits on the market are already ready for the players. Like the equipment that was used during the last event, half of the heroes will be available this week and the other half will be available next week.

Ms Marvel Beach Outfit

Marvel’s Avengers may not be an anime, but that’s not a beach episode. There’s not yet a complete roster of beachwear on the market, but for Mrs. Marvel’s closet, the summer is off with a superb blue & black version.

Those are the best updates this week, but players can check out the whole line-up, including the Red Room animated nameplate, at the marketplace itself. We would make sure to publish an alert if anything else emerges prior to the next rotation. Please search again for more reports, guides, and updates about Marvel’s Avengers.