GTA 6 Almost Ready As Rockstar Games – Job Listing Hints for the Launch

The last game of the iconic Rockstar Games series was released with the name – Grand Theft Auto 5 or commonly known as GTA 5. (GTA) 5. GTA 6 will be the next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. And there’s no detail about the next GTA game as much excitement as there is in any recent GTA game. Now, the entire GTA 6 saga has been updated with developer Rockstar Games posting three job listings in Edinburgh, India, and Lincoln for their studios. Now, while there is no way to link these posts to GTA 6, rumors of GTA 6 were sufficient to get to know that GTA 6 could get release anytime soon.

The Job listing themselves vary somewhat across the three regions that appear to seek game testers. Eligible applicants are needed in Rockstar Edinburgh to understand and be interested in the current gaming market and to know the current crop of games, consoles, and PCs. Although the project listing for Rockstar India is very different, it indicates the need for new titles to be tested. The studio seeks those with an appreciation or knowledge of the previous Rockstar titles that indicate that this may be tied to another project – a conjecture that suggests the next-generation port of GTA 5 to be launched later this year or an independent GTA Online title.

According to the Rockstar Games job list, candidates should discover, report and replicate bugs through game logs, screenshots and videos. The perfect candidate will have to have “knowledge of new generation game consoles and PCs,” and be “efficiently game-competent” according to The National Job posting spotted first. Another indication of the latest job listing for the next GTA is the fact that the GTA series is managed by Rockstar North headquartered in Edinburgh. On the other hand, the listing for India is quite different. It says the nominee needs to the be a creator to identify and experience the latest titles.

But the regular launch of GTA 6 certainly seems to be on the radar considering the growing number of hints on the surface. Clues have shown that Rockstar would somehow base the forthcoming GTA 6 on Vice City – the fictitious take on Miami which was featured in the classic Grand Theft Auto Title. There have been rumors that GTA 6 would merge some previous maps with several crime gangs into a large playground. Both of them are, of course, theoretical, but if Rockstar introduces a whole new playground for the game, it would be fun to see if it was a founder of open-world stories.

And if the list of game testers refers to the GTA 6, there is still time for the GTA 6 to get released. Rockstar is also going to promote the game’s promotional activities/events, both of which seem to be a possible release towards the end of 2021. Many responses on what the game will come with are expected over the next few weeks.