Counter-Strike Fan Shows how the Game would work on Nintendo DS

Many players would fondly recall the Valve multiplayer FPS title Counter-Strike. It was something of a monumental milestone in online first-person tactical play. It’s a game that is still being discussed today, such as the latest headlines about the upcoming paying stat monitoring system causing quite the backlash in the media. That being said, the game is apparently still popular among certain devoted fans as one user manages to convert the game onto a Nintendo DS.

A fan of Counter-Strike, named Fewnity, recently posted to YouTube and presented the game as it appears on a DS Lite. The video only lasts for 20 seconds but suffices to illustrate how the game looks and plays on the classic mobile console. Amazingly, it is not just a simple dock. It enables the player to use the DS style for targeting and fire using the console in its entirety.

Many hardcore fans can recognize the Dust 2 backdrop used in a video. This is a trendy map with players and can be seen as far as Fortnite is concerned. It should also be noted that Fewnity has not only worn and left this game. They have introduced several version changes to hold them up-to-date. What they have shown is how dedicated they are in retro PC games to franchise fans.

Released in 2000, Counter-Strike ignited many memories among experienced players, with the sequel to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or only CS: GO, released in 2012. Initially, it was just a half-life mod but ultimately a separate game. It’s not only considered an FPS classic; it’s also a mega-money spinner in eSports, still affecting other titles more than 20 years after its release.

Fewnity says it adds more features while only a short shot. The video also concludes with a concise message that they are also releasing the game on the Nintendo 3DS, the 10th anniversary of the game. It remains to be seen just how the consumer implements the 3D functionality that comes with this specific handheld, but it’s certainly fun to see how it works.

About CSGO

Counter-Strike: The Global Offensive (CS:GO) extends the original Counter-Strike-based shooting FPS game, released in 1999. Two teams play to win sufficient rounds to win the match in many objective-based modes. CS:GO offers up-to-date iterations of classic counter-strike maps, such as Dust, Inferno, Nuke, Train, and many more. CS:GO also adds new gaming modes such as the Arms Race, Flying Scotsman, and Wingman, as well as multiplayer matchup and competitive skill groups.

The Half-Life version of Counter-Strike was published in 1999. As the game advanced from beta to full release, the classic gameplay defined competitive shooters and created a community that follows the game after its initial release has been perfected. The counter strike was the de facto benchmark of a player’s first-person shooting ability for each of its idioms – 1.6, Source, and Global Offensive. Teams worldwide showcase their skills and techniques at state, regional, and international competitions to millions of visitors worldwide.