Battlefield 6 Trailer Leaks are out, Expected Release

For weeks now there have been news and speculation about the much-awaited Battlefield 6. While the game was officially announced, fans got no official word about what they should expect from the launch of Battlefield 6. The news most players get confirmed that DICE developers will “shortly” issue the official announcement trailer for the game. As such, players were searching everywhere for trailer signals and were spurred on by numerous leaks, including Battlefield 6 trailer audio. However, all of the numerous leaks pointing to a release date are ultimately unreliable, although a credible source may indicate that the teaser is to come this week.

Music team 2WEI is the source in doubt. This week, the group tweeted that two trailers of their songs would be released later this week. Fans think that this indicates the Battlefield 6 trailer as one of the group’s songs was the second release of audio clips from the Battlefield 6 trailer. An earlier leak that suggested the trailer will be released after the EA release’s next call, which only happens on May 11, also backs up the potential for the trailer to be released this week.

Fans hope that the latest trailer answers any of Battlefield 6’s several questions. Various reports have surrounded the game including crazy rumors, such as that Battlefield 6 is a repository for all past titles in Battlefield. Many fans are pushing for some good details on the title as scheduled for release later this year, including the number of rumors and leaks that have taken place. Naturally, a lot of fans still wait to see if the title can grow up to the release of Call of Duty this year that has also begun to see rumors and leaks circulate about it.

Hopefully, any detail about Battlefield 6 will soon become available to fans. With the new title arriving later in this year, it seems probable that soon before releasing more information in the next season, EA will be holding an event at this year’s E3, DICE and EA will release an official announcement. When it actually gets out, it will ideally confirm some of the burning questions in the community such as whether it is going to have a royal mode or changes to the classic destruction scheme of the franchise.

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