ASUS ROG Academy with Valorant: Everything you need to know

With two seasons from their Valorant academy of ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) is back. In the first season, 2,350 entries from all over the world participated in and benefited from the academy. The second season registrations are scheduled for Monday 3 May, until 10 May. Valorant is among the best esports gaming in India, including the ROG Showdown of Asus. The ROG Academy was established to provide support in the area for aspiring professionals to enhance their job prospects in the eSports sector. The curriculum, under the supervision of circuit veterans, offers these new gamers access to resources, support, and training. As part of the training and formulation, the academy equips all applicants with the appropriate equipment and materials, such as high-quality tournament equipment and high-quality technology.

The ASUS ROG Academy is a four-session, that is an annual program, wherein sessions are conducted as per the quarter. In collaboration with AFK Gaming and the Esports Club, the program is being established this season.

How will you get Selected?

A screening process is carried out in various stages by the shortlisting committee and players. After that six selected players would join a three-month program aimed at bringing players into the fields of gaming such as coordination/teamwork, communication, strategy analysis, improvements to monitoring, agent selection and use of abilities, the map breakdown, execution, etc. The exercises, curriculum, and program are planned with the title and current abilities of the players involved in it in mind.

Who is going to Guide/Coach you?

Mansoor “Nabu” Ahmed, head of the Esports Club coaches the players, is in the second season coaching the participants. Nikhil ‘Sieh” Bhansali is a broadcast analyst and caster consultant for The Esports Club. In addition, the top Indian professionals and other industry leaders and experts will hold monthly guest sessions and special lessons.

What is the Prize Pool? 

The selection of the “Valorant,” which is selected by a group of panelists including ASUS ROG’s delegate, partners and Valorant will culminate in the second season of the academy. After successfully completing their three-month training, ASUS ROG will award a total of ₹100,000 rewards to the final six players. The players will also earn ₹15,000 in cash as a monthly allowance during their training. For another three months after the program is over, the six players will continue to represent the brand.

How to apply for ASUS ROG Academy?

You must apply with the age of 16 and higher. To register from 3 May on, please visit the official ROG website (click here). Requests remain valid until 10 May. For those from 16 to 18 years of age, their parents require a letter of material. Any questions are asked by the Academy on an online form to help decide which player you are.

What’s the selection process?

You will need to go through a verification phase after you have enrolled, which will showcase the talents in open sessions. The method is overlooked by a jury. Six applicants will be chosen for entry to the program from this tryout process.

We Wish All The Best to all the applicants who are opting for ASUS ROG Academy for Valorant.