Xbox Game Pass Leaks: Release New Games?

According to one leaker, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass are having a great new series. Just once a week on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get new games, and games also give way for new titles Xbox Game Pass also added a number of popular sports titles, but for the last few subscribers only. In order to compensate, this will be achieved soon, possibly with the two iterations of the subscription service, one of the most famous games of 2020.

Posting on Twitter, the “Shpeshal Ed” leak seems to have teased the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are adding Watch Dogs Legion. Unfortunately, the leaker doesn’t mention why or why they’re making the argument in the first place, but that’s how many people read the rather simple riddle below. “As he heads to the Game, he’s passing by his Legion of Supporters, smiling as he goes. He spies his adversary in the room. ‘Show me what you’ve got,’ “Posted the leak on Twitter.

Meanwhile, another person noted in the replies to the tweet that Phil Spencer had a collectible Watch Dogs legion on his shelves during a recent video call. Why is this remarkable? Well, because when it was released, there was an Xbox Series S on the shelves and nobody could notice it. Hence it is now even possible to know if there’s something on this observation, with Kojima Productions collectible on his shelf, and with a Nintendo Switch.

For the time being, take everything from unofficial to theoretical with a grain of salt. As far as the source is concerned, it has only been the same person who leaked Final Fantasy 7 Remake into March’s free PlayStation Plus games before it was revealed. This means no leaks can be brought to the bank, but it makes the point even more forceful than other rumors and leaks.

Recently, Microsoft has disclosed all the video games coming on Xbox Game Pass at the end of the month. The streaming service has surprised gamers with a lot of incredible late titles, and the forthcoming game list is just as thrilling.

What is Microsoft Game Pass?

Microsoft plans to transform GamePass into a Netflix for video games, and the service is now on track to become very popular with 15 million subscribers worldwide. Game Pass is basically a premium program that allows subscribers access to a variety of games that can be downloaded and played to the extent that they pay for the service. The Game Pass is comparable to Sony’s PlayStation Now, except unlike PS Now, users are not allowed to stream games – instead, you have the ability to import and install any game you choose to play. You are expected to pay a monthly fee, and for that amount, the entire game will be downloaded directly to the hard drive of your console.

There are three levels of Xbox Game Pass available: Console, PC, and Ultimate. The PC Game Pass, which costs Rs 489 a month, allows you access to over 200 plus PC games on a monthly basis, including several exclusive first-party games. Plus, users can get bonuses on all Game Pass play. Right now, you can access the Xbox Game Pass on your PC with your first month just costing Rs 50 in India.

The other two sections of the Xbox Game Pass will run on your Xbox console or PC. The standard Xbox Game Pass, which costs Rs 489 a month, will allow you access to a catalog of over 250 plus all first-party games as they are released. You can download the game and enjoy it as long as you’re able to pay for the service. Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the original Xbox classics are part of the games on the Xbox Game Pass. The third stage, the Ultimate, potentially the one to be considered, is priced at Rs 699 per month. The Ultimate not only allows you access to a lot of AAA titles and Indie games, it also lets you enjoy select games on your PC.

In the subscription, not to mention EA Play, which gives users access to more than 60 of the most popular EA games, FIFA and Mass Effect included. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate requires an Xbox Live Gold membership in addition to bonuses and free games. The advantages of an Xbox Live Gold membership include the opportunity for online multiplayer games, weekly discounts on Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles, supplements, and promotions.

How to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass?

It is easy to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass. You can sign up on the console itself or PC. Once you join in, you can manage your subscriptions from the console, too. In case to want to cancel the subscription, it takes a mere 5 minutes to disable auto-renew for Xbox Game Pass before you cancel the service.