Watch Dogs: Legion’s Online Co-op mode Update on PC

Watch Dogs: Legion’s online co-op mode is now live within two weeks of a bug causing Ubisoft to delay indefinitely. The new game mode has been added to title update 3.22 and is clocked at 14.4GB and contains mostly bug fixes worldwide and PC-specific.

Watch Dogs: Legion online mode initially had to reach the end of 2020 but was moved to the beginning of 2021 in November. The console versions started on March 9, but a few additional massages were required on the PC version and a problem in all versions forced Tactical Op mode to delay. Ubisoft said it would be on PC at the same time and on the same date, it is scheduled to launch on Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia on March, 23.

“We continue our work on improving on all platforms your online mode experience and you can expect further updates to come soon,” said Ubisoft. Group chaos is often a good time, so players often have to split up to complete tasks and it sounds like a great time.

“Two servers in several parts of the city had to be chopped up at once by one part of the Tactical Op, which means that the team of 4 was divided into pairs,” says Chris in a recent preliminary look at the new game mode. “There had to be two separate infiltration missions, and each pair would then have to keep the enhancement swarms off. Failed the whole mission if one pair failed. It took a couple of attempts, but we succeeded finally and there was something cool and cool to bring our efforts together even though we were in different places.”

The full title update 3.22 patch notes are below.


  • Fixed a problem that could cause an endless loading screen when the game benchmark was initiated.
  • Fixed a problem that causes some objects to not correctly reflect during ray tracking.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the game to be loaded for the first time with the DX12 black screen and unseen UI components.
  • Fixed a problem that could severely decrease game performance after several hours of gameplay with the use of an AMD graphics card and allow ray tracking.
  • Fixed a problem that could crash the game if the App categories in the data app are switched quickly.
  • Fixed up a problem that would cause the game to crash as the open-world roams.
  • Fixed a problem that might make the DX12 High, Very High, or Ultra presets not smooth during the More Human than Human mission.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the game to crash when certain weapons are selected.
  • Fixed a problem that did not emphasize the buy upgrade button in the Tech tab when the mouse pointer was floating over it.

Global (these fixes were applied with TU3.2 on consoles and Stadia):

  • Fixed a problem that caused the players’ wardrobes to miss several masks, following TU3.0.
  • Fixed a problem that could crash the game when an operative swap is carried out in certain open-world locations.
  • Fixed a problem, causing the placeholder text for inactive operatives to appear in a restricted area while they are being inspected.
  • Fixed a problem that might cause radius tracking of the game to crash.
  • Fixed a problem that might make the game freeze when a tab in the in-game store is selected.