The Story behind New Valorant Agent “Astra”

Astra, the new 15th Valorant agent, will join the roster on March 2, 2021, with the premiere of Episode 2 Act 2. The newly named delegate agent Astra is a Ghanaian Radiant Controller. She manipulates celestial forces to reshape battlegrounds according to her needs. Astra is still in plenty of trouble, due to the utter mastery of her astral form and a knack for deep strategic foresight.

The beginning of the Valorant tale is marked by an incident known as “First Light.” There are few specifics about the case. The only established truth is that the First Light was the first recorded observation of the rare element Radianite, which altered the course of history.

Radianite is a rare mineral with a lot of untapped energy potential. It fits well in a number of different types of equipment. Radianite can bestow special abilities on certain people. The skills are vastly different from one another, and the outcomes vary greatly. Radiant applies to those who have the talent. Kingdom Corporation is a Valorant-based entity that tries to harness the strength of Radianite for sinister purposes. Kingdom Corporation can be found on all of Valorant’s maps.

In response to First Light, a shadow organization called the Valorant Protocol was created to stop Kingdom Corporation and protect the Radianite. Agents are recruited through the Valorant Protocol. Some of the characters are Radiants, while others use Radianite weapons from all over the world to complete the task.

Astra, a Ghanaian controller who is also a Radiant, is the most recent agent to join the Valorant Protocol. In Episode 2 Act 2, Astra is the most recent agent to join the Valorant protocol. She is a controller-type agent who is originally from Ghana. She is the embodiment of African Futurism as it intersects with the space theme. Astra’s arrival ushers in a new age of possibility. She adds to the rich universe of Valorant by building on the plot possibilities and fleshing out the fascinating characters.

“African Futurism was a huge inspiration for us when it came to designing Astra’s thematics, once that element was brought into her development all the pieces naturally fell in place,” says Valorant Officials.

Astra abilities in Valorant:

Astra has three main abilities with one Signature ability, and then her ultimate ability. Her three main abilities are Gravity Well, Nova Pulse, and Dissipate. Her Signature ability is known as Nebula. Her ultimate ability is Astral Form/Cosmic Divide.

Gravity Well (First Ability)

The Gravity Well will pull players within the area toward the center before it explodes. Any player trapped inside will become fragile.

Nova Pulse (Second Ability)

When the Nova Pulse is placed, it will charge briefly before detonating. When it goes off, it will concuss all players within the area.

Nebula (Signature Ability)

This is Astra’s signature ability, and it’s essentially just her smoke. You simply place a star, and then activate it to transform it into a Nebula.

Dissipate (Third Ability)

When you dissipate a star, it allows it to be placed in a new location.

Astral Form/Cosmic Divide (Ultimate Ability)

Activate to enter Astral Form where you can place stars with primary fire. Stars can be reactivated later, transforming them into a Nova Pulse, Nebula, or Gravity Well.

When the space separator or Cosmic divide goes up, the identification begins using the intermediate form of the second flame, followed by the main flame or fire selecting two positions (locations). Infinite Cosmic Split connects the two selected points. Separates whitespace block characters and significantly reduces noise.

More about Valorant:

Riot Games’ Valorant has been a classy FPS Game after CSGO. With that being said, Developers of Valorant are so actively performing on future projects of the sport. Valorant may be a tactical shooting game involving two teams with five players in each team. Every player can check-in and play remotely from anywhere within the world. Every game has 25 rounds and therefore the team that wins 13 of them first wins the sport. Players can choose their in-game characters called agents at the beginning of the sport.