TenZ Shared his Views on playing with Sentinels

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has been a first-place winner at the VALORANT Champions Tour NA Masters One at the last minute. And it’s “fantastic to win” for TenZ. At a virtual press conference today TenZ explained how it feels that he is a member of a winning team and how he competed with Sentinels.

“I certainly have this competitive itch, and I’m most aware that I’m a pro player by winning and playing with some awesome pro stars,” said Teng. “I’m not forced to do superstar games, and every round I want to be a hero. I sometimes did on C9, but I can only trust each and everyone to perfectly perform their roles and keep them on their own.”

Cloud9 fought hard last year and failed to qualify for the main event of the First Strike despite probably one of North America’s leading players. Shortly thereafter, TenZ left the VALORANT roster to continue the creation of content. When Jay “Sinatraa” Won was suspended from his former friend’s sexual assault earlier this month, TenZ’s number came down. And he certainly appeared.

This new lineup from Sentinels beat Luminosity, 100 Thieves, and FaZe’s clan at Masters One twice, despite having no time to practice. And only one map has been lost during the whole event, falling in Split’s Luminosity in its first-ever TenZ series. Z led the Sentinels in four games with 201 matches, with Hunter “SicK” Mims killing 177.

Sentinels is a clear favorite for the best team in NA after finishing first at Masters 1. And while TenZ may be permanently added to the roster, nothing has been confirmed. But if one thing is obvious, TenZ likes to win.

About Sinatraa’s Allegations

In a thick article, Hernandez published on 9 March detailing Won’s relationship for nine months in 2019. She believed that he had committed many sexual assaults and misconducts.

After her statement, she received support from various personalities on the scene and from the wider esports world. Some others have created controversy, as the former Dafran Overwatch player has openly endorsed Won.

On the same day, Sentinels and Riot suspended him from the investigation. The next weekend, he had to play at the VCT NA Masters One major VALORANT tournament. Hernandez requested to be included in the internal investigation after Riot had made the announcement, arguing that she was not approached by the editor.

The day after Blizzard and Riot had responded to the dispute, Won posted a twit longer who refused any allegations of sexual assault, saying that he “recalls their relationship differently” and said he “never attacked it in any way,” but would cooperate entirely with the investigations.

More about Valorant:
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