Samurai Esports enters Valorant Competitive

Psy (also known as Simar Sethi) and his friends began their Valorant journey at Noble Esports. T1to, Rexy, HikkA, Harshhh, and Psy were part of the South Asian Valorant roster when the American organization arrived in India. They immediately won a tournament after signing.

T1to did not enjoy his time at the company and was quickly replaced by SSSami. The stand-in Blackhawk took the place of the Bangladeshi teen. The situation within the organization then became a little tumultuous, and the roster was eventually released.

Later, XTZ Esports stepped in and signed the same roster as the previous team. They promised the players that it would give them everything they need to succeed, but things didn’t work out in the end.

Samurai Esports India has signed the Valorant roster of XTZ Esports, which was recently disbanded and is led by Simar ‘Psy’ Sethi. Samurai Esports’ signing will allow Psy (Simar Sethi) and his teammates to continue their Valorant careers. Their journey hasn’t been easy up to this point.

The Samurai Esports follows the below Roster: 

(Note: Names are arranged in the format  — FirstName ‘Gaming Identity’ Surname)

  • Harsh ‘Harshhh’ Arora
  • Saaransh ‘Whimp’ Dang
  • Simar ‘Psy’ Sethi
  • Tejas ‘Rexy’ Kotian
  • Shailesh ‘Blackhawk’ Dalvi

About New Agent: Astra

Agent Astra will be the 15th agent in the game, and she falls under the category of Controller, just like Omen, Brimstone, and Viper. According to the Official Astra’s Trailer (teaser from Valorant Official YouTube Channel), the description says, “Astra harnesses the energies of the cosmos to reshape battlefields to her whim. With full command of her astral form and a talent for deep strategic foresight, she’s always eons ahead of her enemy’s next move”.

More about Valorant:
Riot Games’ Valorant has been a classy FPS Game after CSGO. With that being said, Developers of Valorant are so actively performing on future projects of the sport. Valorant may be a tactical shooting game involving two teams with five players in each team. Every player can check-in and play remotely from anywhere within the world. Every game has 25 rounds, and therefore the team that wins 13 of the first wins the sport. Players can choose their in-game characters called agents at the beginning of the sport.