PUBG: New State Registration on Play Store have surpassed 5 million in less than a week

Crossed 5 Million Registrations:

PUBG: New State or PUBG Mobile 2 has passed 5 million Google Play pre-registration during the week after the pre-registration connection is published. The game, released by Krafton, a South Korean company for video games, is probably not going to come to India, according to reports. PUBG: New State’s Google Play Play Store new state pre-registrations began on February 25. The corporation has taken Twitter to reveal the five million mark that it has reached a week. Please notice that the pre-inscription does not contain India.

PUBG Tweeted, “You have done it! We did it! We did it! Thanks to our AMAZING friends, we made more than 5 million Google Play pre-registrations in a week! We are looking forward to sharing exclusive information soon, so look out for and spread the news on our social media accounts.”

Pubg Mobile India Scene:

Numerous mobile games are “violent, explicit, and addictive,” according to Union minister Prakash Javadekar, who announced a government plan to establish a center of excellence in gaming and other related areas to promote Indian ideology.

Last year, the Chinese government banned over 100 mobile applications with Chinese origins. Even though the ban was enacted in the name of national security, it appears that the goalposts are shifting, making the return of PUBG India even more unlikely. According to the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, his ministry has decided to establish a gaming center to teach courses in visual effects, gaming, and animation to develop new games that promote Indian cultural ethos. The minister said the courses would begin this year at the opening ceremony of the virtual exhibition and prize announcement of the “Khel Khel Mein – A Pan Maharashtra Toy/Game/ Project Design Competition.

PUBG Mobile could soon be launched in India, according to a study in Sportskeeda quoting Krafton. Bear in mind that there is still no confirmation by the government that the royal match in India has restarted.

Krafton, however, has no intentions to introduce the latest PUBG: New State game to India, so it did not open a country pre-registration. “With Krafton working to plan the start of a new PUBG app explicitly built and served in India, it agreed to not include PUBG: New State in India pre-registration,” quoted a Krafton representative in the paper.

PUBG New State is a successor to the original PUBG Mobile that takes place in the future and features fictional battle gameplay such as advanced weaponry, drones, specialized character attributes, and more. While the significant power popularity of this new game in comparison to the previous PUBG Mobile is a separate discussion, it remains to be seen if the Indian government considers PUBG New State to be a separate, new game with no ties to China, and thus allows it to launch in India.