PUBG Mobile owner Krafton invests $22.4 million in Indian Esports

In Indian sports and gaming firm Nodwin Gaming, PUBG Mobile Developer Krafton has invested $22.4 million. (approx. rs. 164 crore). A post released by TechCrunch reports that the South Korean game designer has invested in Nodwin Gaming to “keep some presence on what once was his major overseas market.” Krafton publishes and holds common games such as PUBG and PUBG Mobile. In a tweet, Changhan Kim, Chief Executive Officer of Krafton said that the company would pursue additional investment possibilities in the region.

Nodwin Gaming, a branch of Nazara Technologies, a Mumbai-based sportive corporation, is one of India’s largest esports organizations. It recently confirmed its collaboration with Krafton in conjunction with two PUBG Mobile events in Asia.

“Sports will be a central element of the future development of sports entertainment. It’s at a magnificent crossroads in sport, entertainment, and technology, and nations like India are willing to lead the way. With the inclusion of Krafton, our support for what we create from India for the globe is built on our expertise in first smartphone markets, as the gaming and esports Meccan – South Korea –,” Akshat Rathee, co-founder and managing director of Nodwin Gaming, told TechCrunch in the announcement.

PUBGM Ban in India:

PUBG is also blocked in India since the application was banned by the government in September last year and over 100 additional Chinese applications have been restricted on cybersecurity issues. While a recent Krafton study reaffirms that the battle of the Royal Game is about to restart again in the region, the government has not announced this at this stage.

After the prohibition, Krafton has strived to return to India. The custom version of PUBG Mobile Game for India called PUBG Mobile India was released in December last year. In a declaration, the company announced the Indian version of the game in the country and the main areas of focus will be areas such as protection and privacy.

The PUBG Corp that authorizes the Tencent Games game in China has cut ties to them in India. “By recent changes, PUBG Corporation has decided not to approve the Tencent games franchise PUBG MOBILE for India anymore. In a statement issued in September, PUBG Corp will assume all publishing responsibility in the region.”

Recently, New State or PUBG Mobile 2 passed 5 million Google Play pre-registration during the week after the pre-registration connection is published. The game, released by Krafton, a South Korean company for video games, is probably not going to come to India, according to reports. PUBG: New State’s Google Play Play Store new state pre-registrations began on February 25. The corporation has taken Twitter to reveal the five million mark that it has reached a week. Please notice that the pre-inscription does not contain India.

Numerous mobile games are “violent, explicit, and addictive,” according to Union minister Prakash Javadekar, who announced a government plan to establish a center of excellence in gaming and other related areas to promote Indian ideology.

PUBG Mobile could soon be launched in India, according to a study in Sportskeeda quoting Krafton. Bear in mind that there is still no confirmation by the government that the royal match in India has restarted.

Krafton, however, has no intentions to introduce the latest PUBG: New State game to India, so it did not open a country pre-registration. “With Krafton working to plan the start of a new PUBG app explicitly built and served in India, it agreed to not include PUBG: New State in India pre-registration,” quoted a Krafton representative in the paper.