Journey of Sinatraa to His Assault Allegations

Jay “Sinatraa” Won, a popular Sentinels VALORANT player and former MVP Overwatch League, is at the center of a scandal after a sexual assault accused him by his former girlfriend Cleo Hernandez on 9 March 2009. Due to its impact on the market, this dispute prompted responses around the esports world. At the age of 20, Won was one of the most successful American industry leaders as the competitive scenes of both VALORANT and Overwatch.

Jay Won was one of the top American competitors in the Overwatch scene. After being published in 2016, he started playing the game and in the first ranking season reached the top of the ladder. Six months later, he was signed and eligible for Selfless Gaming 2017, the NA Contenders’ Season Zero, which before the creation of the Overwatch League was the region’s leading official league.

At 17, Won was one of Overwatch’s most talented rookies. He was scouted because San Francisco Shock had signed it before his 18th birthday before he met the legal age needed to play in the Overwatch League.

He led the United States in the Overwatch World Cup and has consistently played games for an ever-increasing number of spectators since he walked into the Overwatch League scene in 2018. He has more than 500,000 supporters on Twitch since today.

In 2019 he finished his career by winning the Overwatch League trophy in front of thousands of people, along with his San Francisco Shock team. He was elected MVP of the season, who also won the highest title in the series, awarding him an exclusive skin that placed his mark in the game, Alien Zarya. He also appeared with his team-mate Matthew “Super” DeLisi after his victory in the Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon and focused on The Verge. It was confirmed that for months he had been dating Hernandez.

A few months after Riot announced its forthcoming 10 years of competition for FPS, Won was the first player from the Overwatch League who announced that he was leaving the scene to participate professionally in VALORANT before the game was officially launched. In the intervening months, several more players followed suit.

Without a mission, however, he never left. A few hours after its release, Sentinels announced signing him with other former Zombs. While he was not earning as many VALORANT titles at first, he continued a good career in the new game.

Sentinels ended last December at the fourth stop of the First Strike North America circuit, qualifying for the VALORANT Champions Tour. They won the first Challenger tourney, finished second, and compete for this weekend on the Master’s Tour.

About Hernandez Allegations:

In a thick article, Hernandez published on 9 March detailing Won’s relationship for nine months in 2019. She believed that he had committed many sexual assaults and misconducts.

After her statement, she received support from various personalities on the scene and from the wider esports world. Some others have created controversy, as the former Dafran Overwatch player has openly endorsed Won.

On the same day, Sentinels and Riot suspended him from the investigation. The next weekend, he had to play at the VCT NA Masters One major VALORANT tournament. Hernandez requested to be included in the internal investigation after Riot had made the announcement, arguing that she was not approached by the editor.

Sinatraa Denies Allegations:

The day after Blizzard and Riot had responded to the dispute, Won posted a twit longer who refused any allegations of sexual assault, saying that he “recalls their relationship differently” and said he “never attacked it in any way,” but would cooperate entirely with the investigations.