Incentive Tips for Reading a Book

Lack of time, preference for other activities, and lack of patience are some of the hems pointed out as discouraging reading habits.

This scenario makes reading something even more important, since the development of each and every country goes through a population and a society truly prepared, with regard to the knowledge they obtain. Thus, this same society will be ready to claim its rights, being more aware and able to implement the necessary changes so that we have a better world.

Below, there is a simple list of actions that can contribute to creating or maintaining the habit of reading in your daily life. Choose the one that best suits your profile and move on!

Choose a theme that suits you.

Having reasons that justify the desire to read a book makes the process more natural. Without an obligation it gets easier, doesn’t it? Starting reading in a pleasant way is one of the best ways to create the habit.

Look for books that are compatible with your preferences. Don’t read something just because it is considered a classic, because it is fashionable or because people have said it is good. Find works that fill your thoughts in some way.

And you don’t have to despair to choose the next reading: if it is more technical content, you can add it to your career to help improve your skills and abilities. If you are not technical, it can be an excellent option for entertainment and even learning new things. Allow yourself to read the most varied genres within the themes that most generate admiration or curiosity.

Each has its own taste, and the question is to find out which one is yours. You may not be very close to reading just because you haven’t made that discovery yet.

Have a schedule

Behavioral psychology explains that every habit is created from recurrence: regardless of the desired goal, the important thing is to repeat it daily. This concept does not change for reading.

Have at least 5 minutes of your day to disconnect from everything, pick up a good book and absorb new knowledge. That’s right, 5 minutes! A page or even a paragraph well-read, internalized, and interpreted clearly, positively influences your way of life and will do more than several pages or an entire book read in haste. The secret is in the meditation of words.

This time does not necessarily have to be at home, it can be anywhere. Make the book your companion for all hours: the bank line, the waiting room for an appointment or the way to work … are excellent opportunities. The tip is to carry the book with you wherever you go, taking advantage of the “silly” minutes to update the reading. The important thing is that this moment of pause always at the same time will become part of your daily life and will become an almost unconscious act.

Set a reading goal

Another very effective method is to set goals: stipulate how many books you would like to read monthly and commit to this challenge.

Make notes

Make a report of all readings performed. It can be in a notebook, on the computer, or in a mobile application. This study can help you visualize in a more concrete way your evolution regarding your literary habit. If you have reached all the goals, it is time to increase them for the next period. And if you didn’t, check what may have been the reasons that didn’t let that happen.

This report may also contain notes and reflections on the readings. Whenever you finish reading, ask yourself: What lessons will I take? Write your thoughts. In addition, your notes can make it easier to find some important passages. In fact, this point is essential for those who are reading a book for a test, for example.

It is worth mentioning that reading is not quantity, but quality. It is no wonder that haste is the enemy of perfection. So, as much as you have a huge list of books, articles, magazines, among other types of material to read, it is important that you keep calm and do not despair about it, thinking that you always need to finish one to start the other.

Know that you can read several contents at the same time, and if you don’t like some, even before finishing, you will have no problems, because you can move on to the next reading right away, without pain in conscience, without feeling that you have an obligation with the material just because the people around him had the patience to finish it.

The important thing in this process is that you read, regardless of the way and the way you do it, as this will contribute significantly to your growth and development, as well as the expansion of your consciousness.

Start with series or best sellers

A best seller is only sold for one reason: the public loves it. Usually, they please a lot of people because they are more engaging plots, or even with easy and fun language. How about giving them a chance? They can be your gateway to the taste for reading. So, too, are the series of books, those stories told in more than one volume. Usually, each book in the series ends up leaving something unfinished, which will only be solved in the next book (or even the last), that is nothing better to stoke your desire to devour the next volume.

Don’t insist if you don’t like it

Insisting on something you obviously don’t like doesn’t help at all. It will only make you feel like it is an obligation, which takes away all the pleasure and the will to continue. So if you’re finding that book a pain, give it up and move on to the next one. But that does not mean, either, not liking the first paragraph and already throwing the book aside. Give it one more read (at least one chapter), because some books take too long to “engage”. If you still don’t like it, you can go look for the following.

Reading clubs

If you find it difficult to start reading by yourself, it is best to look for reading clubs. In addition to being able to share thoughts, it will make you have more responsibility with reading. Start attending face-to-face group meetings, online communities, or download a reading app. Being or even creating these groups and networks is a way to connect with other people and meet deadlines to finish the books. In addition, discussions about texts can be very productive for your intellect. Imagine noticing elements that you didn’t find in the book! Or even teach about the points that other people did not understand. The exchange of knowledge is endless!