“Xhade is a Hacker” claims Binks69, Paratroops Esports Owner

On 24 January 2021, “Xhade,” a.k.a Abhay ‘Xhade’ Urkude, Valorant eSports Player and Member of Paratroops Esports, which is owned by Mithul “Binks69” Nayak, get his account Banned. Furthermore, he shared multiple posts through social media and claimed himself innocent that he hadn’t committed hacking in the recent tournament.

In the recent YouTube Live Stream of Binks69, a Content creator for 8Bit Clan, which is Owned by Animesh Agarwal (also known as 8Bit Thug), revealed and exposed Xhade and claimed that he has committed Hacking in earlier days in the Valorant game.

On 28th January 2021, Binks69 streamed live on YouTube and called Xhade’s Friends, namely “Chand” and “noChanceOP,” which are game identities of two people (real identity remains private). Chand and noChanceOP revealed that Xhade had hacked Valorant a long ago, wherein he leads the team with 46 individual kills.

In a conversation with Chand, he revealed that both (Chand and Xhade) use to hack Valorant, CSGO, and even in Fortnite earlier. “Xhade hacked Valorant for just one match; he’s an outstanding player and has a good nature, Just did it for fun. Then later, he transferred hack files to me, which he bought for $5. Furthermore, I hacked multiple matches to his Alternate account named “Kendelaa#ken,” and even Xhade known about it.” But Later on, Chand clarified that he took the blame on himself just to save Xhade and didn’t hack actually.

Multiple people in the chat questions that If we hacked any game, we get a hardware ban. Also, Binks69 faced many issues regarding Paratroops Esports’ reputation and was saddened by the lies of Xhade and ignoring his gaming crime.

Later on, people called Xhade on Binks69 live stream, and Xhade apologized to everybody and the Valorant Community’s audience. Many Valorant India Pros like Psy Gaming, Excali, Rexy, etc were present on Discord. Many people are calling Xhade “Forsaken Part 2”.

Who was Forsaken?

Nikhil “Forsaken” Kumawat is an inactive-banned Indian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) who played for OpTic India Esports in his short four-month stint in 2018. During the Extremesland 2018 Finals, forsaken was caught using cheats, which resulted in the team’s immediate disbandment.

Here are the Proof Images provided by Chand during the Live stream to Binks69:
Xhade Careerr
Credits: Binks69
Xhade Career History
Credits: Binks69
Xhade Hacker
Credits: Binks69
Xhade Banned
Credits: Binks69

Here’s the YouTube Livestream of Binks69:

How does hardware Ban work in games like Valorant?

As per the recent news about Vanguard and the awesome fact that hardware bans are still blocking cheaters from the BETA version, obviously, cheating in one game shouldn’t ban you from playing other games, but it does make them more likely to cheat in other titles. For example, they might add the hardware information to a suspicious person list that prioritizes their case if there are reports of the suspicious person cheating. The main goal of this would be as a deterrent for cheaters to cheat in any game, but it also allows for quicker detection of cheaters and puts out a strong, unified message among large game developers against cheating as a whole.

Once any Game Organization like Riot Games detects the Hack, an automated ban is proposed, but it is not considered a permanent hardware ban. Furthermore, if a person commits hacking in FPS Games like Valorant multiple times, people get permanent hardware bans. This is how the anti-cheat system of Valorant works by identifying the cheat and then issuing an HWID ban.