FAU-G Game Released Today on Republic Day, Know How to Download

The highly-anticipated FAUG unleash date is finally here, with the sport launching to voluminous mobile users across the country. FAU-G, aka Fearless And United-Guards, has finally been launched in India for android phones solely at the instant, with the iOS listing obscurity visible. Going by the spectacular pre-registration numbers, the mobile game will be expected to be an enormous hit within the country. However, if you’re expecting FAUG to be a replacement for PUBG Mobile — that was prohibited last year in India — we’re sorry to tell you that these two games are drastically totally different games, a minimum of at now, and cannot be compared. The foremost vital distinction between the two is that the lack of multiplayer mode on FAU-G, a minimum of at the instant, one thing that PUBG Mobile was quite common for.

FAUG pre registration

FAUG has been developed by Bengaluru-based nCore Games, which can gift 20% of the revenue generated by the sport to Bharat Ke Veer trust. If you would like to undertake the FAU-G, here is everything you need to understand.

nCore games’ Fearless and United Guards, or FAU-G, India’s most expected mobile action game is been launched on India’s 72nd Republic Day, January 26. the sport recently crossed five million registrations on the Google Play Store, with one thousand thousand individuals registering in mere the past week.

“FAU-G is trying to portray the life of an Indian Soldier and how faujis are fighting for us on the border,” Vishal Gondal, nCore Games CEO and co-founder said in a Statement with Press.

FAUG in app purchases

“If you look at the genre of action games, they follow a theme,” explained Gondal, mentioning how popular titles like the Call of Duty franchise were based on themes that had an emotional connect with local audiences. But Indian audiences have no such connection, according to him. “I think if we have to create a game from India, we have to base it on Indian themes, and if you look at Indian themes, we all saw Galwan Valley and what happened,” he added.

At launch, FAUG appears to own simply a campaign mode that starts against the backcloth of real-life events within the Galwan vale skirmish wherever the Indian Army had a face-off with Chinese troops last year. this suggests it’ll be a single-player game. nCore Games has already processed that the web multiplayer-associated battle royale game modes won’t be out there at the launch however are going to be added later via an update. Considering that the campaign mode lasts simply some hours, it’ll be attention-grabbing to check however the sport manages to retain the audience before different game modes square measure additional via a future update

Will it be a Battle Royale Just like PUBG?

Regarding the addition of a Battle Royale mode in the future, Gondal said, “Once we start getting the data from consumers and what elements they like, we will keep developing the game further. Based on feedback, various modes like a PvP (Player vs Player) mode and a Battle Royale mode can come to the game in the next few months.”

How to download FAU-G?

FAUG has been made available on just Android as of now, but the game will be made available on iOS later. To download the game, you will have to go to Google Play Store on Android or App Store on iOS (once the listing goes live). After searching the game, you can tap on the download button from the listing for the game to start downloading. Apart from this, you can also choose to sideload the APK on Android, but as it is a free-to-play game, we would suggest that you go through the official listing instead. The download size for the game varies depending on the device but, roughly, the game’s download size sits at around 500MB.

FAU-G will be available for older Android devices as well, and phones running on Android 8 (Oreo) or above will be able to run the game. Because hardware on phones running on Android Oreo had lower specifications compared to modern phones, it is safe to assume that most of today’s Android phones will be able to run FAU-G, even if they are not flagship-grade devices.