Valorant Guide: What’s the Role of Mouse Sensitivity?

In every FPS game especially CSGO and Valorant, Sensitivity and DPI matter a lot. In-game Sensitivity plus DPI fulfills EDPI which needs to be perfect and adjustable by one’s hands.

Theoretically the higher the sensitivity the faster you can move with less movement, but the optimal sensitivity comes down to the individual. Not everyone can move the mouse within a millimeter of accuracy, and realistically speaking most people don’t have to in order to be the best at an FPS. For different people, different sensitivities feel better, which is why the sensitivity is adjustable. In order for the individual to cater to what they want.

Don’t just max sensitivity and hope to adjust, instead use whatever feels snappy and controllable. Max sensitivity varies from game to game too, so always playing on max is just a bad idea.

The lowest sensitivity is typically too slow, and depending on the game may make it physically difficult to do a 360. We recommend this even less than max sensitivity, but if it feels right, it is the right choice.

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What is the Polling Rate of a Mouse?

A mouse’s polling rate is how often it reports its position to a computer. The polling rate is measured in Hz. If a mouse has a 125 Hz polling rate, it reports its position to the computer 125 times every second—or every 8 milliseconds

List of Few Valorant Pros with their Sensitivity Details:

1. Brax

Sensitivity: 0.354
DPI: 400
eDPI: 141.6
Polling Rate: 1000Hz

2. Shroud

Sensitivity: 0.78
DPI: 450
eDPI: 351
Polling Rate: 1000Hz

3. Ninja

Sensitivity: 0.75
DPI: 800
eDPI: 600
Polling Rate: 500Hz

4. Hiko

Sensitivity: 0.36
DPI: 1600
eDPI: 576
Polling Rate: 1000Hz

5. s1mple

Sensitivity: 0.974
DPI: 400
eDPI: 389.6
Polling Rate: 1000Hz

eDPI = DPI * In-game Sensitivity


  • If you are a Sniper in FPS Games, your Scoping Sensitivity must be a little higher so that you can aim faster
  • Never Crouch and Spray if your enemies always aiming at your body instead of the head because Crouching gives them the advantage of headshots easily.
  • Always Crouch and Spray if your enemies always aiming at your head, this would distract their accuracy and easily get the advantage of it.
  • Low DPI or Sensitivity means more accuracy to a specific point and if you aim your head properly, you’ll succeed in getting headshots more rather than playing on High DPI or Sensitivity.


As you can see many Valorant Pros use Low Sensitivity because it deals with more accuracy. For example, Your First 3-4 bullets will be accurate and are easy to deal with multiple headshots. Hence, it actually depends on your hand size, Mouse Weight, and Mousepad Space too. If your Mouse weight is above 100g which is not recommended for FPS games, you’ll be desperate for high-sensitivity gameplay. If your mouse weight is below 100g Lower sensitivity is recommended wherein you can get accuracy easily.