How to Find a Lucrative Job in the Tech Field?

The tech industry as a whole pays well, provides great benefits, and can be a very nice way to earn a living. Among tech jobs, however, there is a hierarchy. Certain companies pay so well and provide such amazing benefits, that even the most qualified applicant can have trouble standing out. If you wonder if you have what it takes to work at one of these companies, or crave the opportunity to build a career at a company with enviable name recognition, there are some steps you can take to boost your odds of success.

Earn that degree

The tech industry is known for its show us what you can do mentality. This is great because it lets people who may not have a degree in math or computer science hold jobs as long as they are effective coders. To get a job at one of the big-name companies involved in tech, you should have a degree.

That is not to say that it is impossible to become employed in the field without one, but the barrier is high, and the competition is stiff. To even make it through the HR filter to get an interview, you would have to be lucky. If you are interested in coding and don’t have a degree yet, take the time to earn your degree. You can take out student loans to pay for your education. Once you are employed in the field, your total compensation will benefit from earning that degree.

Aim to Transition into a Big-Name Job

Landing that big-name job straight out of college is a dream for many people, but it isn’t the only way to succeed. Because so much computer programming and tech work, in general, is learned on the job, such as writing help tickets and using git, it may make more sense to aim a little lower for that first job. Spend a year or so learning the ropes of working in a programming environment, and then aim to transition to a higher-profile company.

Practice Coding Under Pressure

It is one thing to write code to build your project or as an assignment for school. It can even be low pressure once you are working for a high-profile tech company, but there is a step between, known as the technical interview, that requires you to be very comfortable working under pressure. Several online sites allow you to practice coding on the fly. Take time to practice before your interview so that you are familiar with the process and to help strengthen your coding skills.

During the interview, don’t hesitate to talk out loud while you are working on your solution, many interviews are just as interesting as how you approach the problem as to how you solve it. You never know what you will be facing during the interview process, and you can expect these jobs to require several interviews that you need to progress through. Keeping your cool under pressure, and having confidence in your coding skills go a long way in earning one of these coveted positions.