How Can Students Make Money With Blogging?

Blogging is fashion today. Many people try to create their own blog and achieve success. Blogging can be a good option for students to make some extra money. College years are busy with classes, which makes full-time employment impossible. You can write content for your blog at home in any free time. Making money through blogging will require choosing an exciting topic, which will attract many readers.

Make money with Blogging

In this article, you will find many tips on how to improve your already existing blog or create a new one. You will learn how to attract new readers, handle the marketing campaign, and as a result, get some extra money.

Find your passion and inspiration

You should write about things you feel passionate about. Write content that you understand, rather than the one that will potentially bring you money. You can write about your hobbies, your study experience, your career, etc. You can provide your readers with fresh news on topics you are interested in. Some students post funny images or video content. You will make money through advertisements. Other bloggers get paid to provide links to news articles, stores, or any other websites. Keep in mind that the most readable blogs are about music.

Choose the best platform for your blog

Most of the students choose blogging services, which are free of charge, such as Google Blogger or WordPress. It is the best option in case you are not very experienced in web design, and you do not plan to pay for your own hosting. Such services are easy to use and stable. However, they will not let you make good money.

WordPress supports only limited advertising/PayPal links/affiliate links. As for Google Blogger, it supports advertising through Google AdSense/PayPal links/affiliate links. That is why we recommend you to start with a free platform, and once you feel more confident, you should purchase a domain name and pay a hosting service monthly/ annually.

Creating unique and engaging content

As the blog owner, you are responsible for its content. You can write it by yourself or hire some freelancers. Always check your content for plagiarism. There are many online services available, which you can use to check the spelling, grammar, and originality of your content. Your readers will appreciate your unique style and regular blog updates. Make sure you update your blog posts frequently. If you let your blog stagnate, you can forget about gaining money.

Marketing strategy

You must brainstorm a set of keywords for every post you write. Every keyword must be related to the post and blog subject in general. Using the most relevant and frequently used keywords, you will increase your blog’s visibility, attract a lot of new readers, demonstrate their advertisement, which they will click, and as a result, you will get paid for your job. We recommend you to check the Google Keyword Research tool in order to understand how much Google has been being paid for keywords by advertisers.

You must include keywords in such notable places as titles, big headers, the first sentence of your blog, etc. By doing this, you will increase your blog rating and attract new readers. It is essential to post your post links on blog directories and social media platforms. Make sure that you regularly update your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will raise your blog’s search engine ranking, and you will get much more traffic to your blog. You can contact other bloggers and discuss the idea of crosslinking.

Blog monetization

Market your blog successfully to get paid well. You must make your audience as big as possible. If you plan to include ads in your blog, you should think about marketing. The minimum effort you can do is to post links to your articles on social media platforms. If it goes with your blog topic, you can try to make a store. It works perfectly for arts/crafts bloggers. You can try to find an affiliate program, which is suitable for your blog. You will provide links to a company’s services/products, and you will be paid in return. Consider using an affiliate directory such as ClickBank.


Blogging as a profession is not a joke. It looks fun and easy, but it requires some professional skills and a lot of patience. It is a good alternative for students who are looking for a freelance job. Start your blog at the beginning of your course, and at the end of your study program, your blog will go viral because you will know perfectly what and how to do to attract readers.