Making a few quick bucks never hurt anybody. It is good to have little side tasks going on to make some flow of greenery into your pocket. Especially as a student, we all wish to have a little side business to earn some extra allowance. To do a job in a market, to actually work out there is very tedious. To search for a part-time job and to get a suitable time slot according to your schedule is very difficult. So it is better to look for other alternatives. Every day billions of dollars are profited from the online sites and now you can earn some too. Here is a list of top 5 sites that let you make money.

Top 5 websites to make money online



It is an amazing site that provides an interface between people requesting services and people who have the ability to provide them. Signing up is a simple process and is absolutely free of charge. You can also connect through your Facebook account. To receive orders on this site you first need to create your Gig. It is just a term for your quality and service that you wish to provide.

It is better if you have some experience but newbies can also join. You can additionally provide any information or your requirements regarding the payment optionally. It also lets you upload your video resume for buyers to refer to. The buyers of services contact you on the basis of your profile formed.


Hire Freelancers

Freelancer is the world’s biggest outsourcing marketplace. It helps you get work projects very easily after joining up and setting up your profile, where you can enlist your experience, expectations, interests and projects done. The entire site works on a bidding system where you place a bid to get a project to work on.

The buyers will contact you upon the basis of your bids placed. To obtain Projects matching your expectation you need to get your profiles rating. A profile that has the 5-star rating is likely to get more projects. Freelancer also allows you to buy a premium account that definitely adds to your ratings.



Odesk provides you with any work that can be done on a computer whether it is short or ongoing. From graphic designing to web development. To get projects on Odesk First, you need to set up your account and provide a job post listing your abilities and skills along with experiences. You can also provide your work history, education, portfolios, work samples, reviews, language and communication skills.

The payment options provided by Odesk are also very simple and painless with absolutely no paperwork required. They provide three modes of payment namely via credit card, PayPal and bank account. The payment is made once the work begins and the site keeps 10% of all the transactions made, may it be per hour or per project.

4. Envato Market

Envato market

Envato’s ecosystem of digital marketplaces helps millions of people around the world get creative and earn online. When you create an account and accept the terms you become a member of their community. You will have an Envato Market account that will allow you to buy and sell items like the ones found on the Envato Market sites and make other related transactions.

The Envato Market sites are platforms that allow members to buy and sell licenses to use digital items like website themes, production music, motion graphics project files, software code, vectors, images and much, much more. Envato Market facilitates transactions between the site holders, buyers and authors via a payment method.

5. Google Adsense

Google adsense

It is an innovative method that lets you make dollars very easily. But to use this you must have your own website/blog or youtube account where you can let the ads be posted. You host your website and leave the spaces on the web pages where you want the ads to be displayed. The advertisers all around the globe makes bids to place their ads on your site in a real-time auction. The highest bidder gets to put up their advertisement on your site and google Adsense handles the process of billing and payment from the bidders to you.

They also manage the network traffic for the ads placed on your site. Google AdSense is now the biggest advertiser/publisher network on the internet.


I am an entrepreneur at heart who has made his hobby turned passion, his profession now. I love writing about coding, hacking, open-source and cutting-edge technologies.


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    This types of posts are a professional guide! and helped me a lot! … I was trying to start a blog before a years, but had only a little knowledge about that, … but after reading some posts related to making money online, NOW I started my journey in blogging.

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      chrisant imani Reply

      Hey,hi!Please tell me how i can start am blind on how to start!!

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    Is this website that you have mentioned in your post is safe (secure) or its spam?

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    Jay Prakash Ray Reply

    If there is much traffic on my website and none click on ad ,will i get paid through Google adsense?

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    Kiran Reddy Reply

    Informative .I think it helps to make business on online to get some money.I had blog and it has good traffic.

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    I do surveys online to make a few extra bucks. I make around $200 a month or so. It wont make you rich but it is easy.

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    Maggie Maggie Reply

    If you love spending time online, try opening another window where you’ll be earning money online just by surfing on paid links! Get PTC – get Paid-To-Click! It’s easy money, anyone can do it, no investment, income is slow but steady, and you can also get paid extra for watching videos, or even autosurfing videos, or listening to the radio, reading e-mails, filling out some surveys.. The PTC sites accept people from any country join for free as Member, and start earning. Then they send the earned money free through PayPal or similar:)

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      please share name of site which provide this type earning scheme without investment

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      please share details of reliable sites that offer money i will give 10% of my earning to you if u provide me a reluiable and genuine site

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    Denise Hilton Reply

    Well there are even more ways to earn money if you browse the internet carefully. Some may be related to academic jobs like online tutoring or completing short tasks. I read some of the guides on technotification which really give you more ideas of doing online jobs. It completely depends on your imagination and you searching abilities.

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    M. Usama Saleem Reply

    My problem is that My country is PAKISTAN and these websites doesn’t support PAKISTAN.

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    Uzma Asghar Reply

    I registered for a fiver account but not able to get any kind of success , can you please guide me how to work properly in Fivver ?

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      vicky Reply

      i can surely help you in that .. let me know what’s the problem

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        Abhinay Tiwari Reply

        Pls tell me these sites taking any money as a registration Charges because ODESK Charge me money…

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    Instaforex Reply


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    osawaru sylvester Reply

    this is very nice and multivating keep it up i love it

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