LambdaTest– an easy way to test on weird browsers

Cross browser testing is no less than a blunder when we have to test on some weird and outdated browsers like Edge and Internet Explorer. When we have our visitors who are accessing our website from some older versions of Internet Explorer or use Edge as their local browser, it becomes a nightmare for testers to test it and developers to fix it on these weird browsers.

Recently the same happened to me. A client reported the weird behavior of his website on IE 10. I, being a Mac user did never test it upon IE (which I guess is my worst luck!) but when I had to, I was stunned after seeing the blunder it was on IE 10. Ah! Such a weird browser it is. Well, that’s the way I get away with it 😉 (by blaming the browser). But no more, since my client has already brought that to my attention, I had to fix and test it on IE 10 and the others that followed!

I borrowed my friend’s Windows 7 laptop to test it on IE 10. I really had a hard time struggling with it and when I investigated further, I found out I was using some elements in my website which were not supported in Edge and at the same time when I move ahead, I found out many elements were not supported in IE. See my bad luck!

To help you out, here are some elements which both the browsers IE11 and Edge 18 do not support.


All thanks to the two main heroes who helped me in figuring out these things and solving and fixing them.



“Can I use” helped me out in finding what was the issue on my website in regard to those specific browsers? I just entered the browser versions in the ‘Compare Browsers’ section and I got the list of all unsupported elements in those browsers.

2. LambdaTest

The cross-browser testing tool provided me an environment to test upon both browsers which I was unable to access, as I have already mentioned I am a Mac user and borrowed my friend’s laptop. Though I can’t do it every time so I had to look for some platform that can help me out. And getting all these browsers on a Mac machine was really difficult for me.

I am really not a Virtual box person and getting Edge and IE was difficult for me. I don’t want to do too much hard work, but with the help of LambdaTest, I was able to run these browsers directly from my Safari browser on my Mac machine. I don’t have to install anything, not have to download anything but just to create a free account and test.

As you can see in the screenshot above I have opened IE11 and Edge 18 in my Safari browser.

This was the far easiest and painless way to test on IE and Edge using my Mac machine.

Not only this, LambdaTest provides a way to perform your manual and automated cross-browser tests across 2000+ browsers and browser versions.

LambdaTest supports all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge, Yandex, Opera in desktop browsers with all major browser versions on all supported operating systems.


You can also test upon mobile devices like Samsung, Google, LG, OnePlus, HTC, Amazon, Motorola, Sony, Xiaomi and a lot more.


LambdaTest also supports iOS devices including both iPhones and iPads. You can test upon different browsers and iOS versions in different mobiles again directly from your browser.


And while I was testing it, my free minutes for the month went up, but again it was again so helpful of their team and plans, I was able to get unlimited access to all browsers and devices for full 10 days in just $15 with their on-demand pass. Once I was able to test these browsers, I really felt glad that it was a great way to test and for a freelancer like me, they have a demand pass and freelancer plan.

I was really mesmerized by the way they have evolved in such a short span of time and come up with such an amazing and pocket-friendly tool for us.

One more thing that I liked about LambdaTest that you can even test your local files and folder with LambdaTest, that again on all browsers, OS, devices, and browser versions by just connecting a tunnel and running localhost in the browser. This helped me a lot afterward when I learned not to miss testing on these weird browsers. The one more website I was developing didn’t face it as I tested it locally and before sending it to the client finally!

Cross-browser testing is important and we all know it but still, we overlook it which causes various effects later. With a tool like LambdaTest at your aid, you don’t need to dodge cross-browser testing as you do not have to set up an environment or download or install anything, just easy it is!