How to Improve Your Logic Building Skills in Programming

The logic building is a fundamental part of programming. If you know various programming languages but lacks logic building skills, you can’t reach that high altitude. Learning algorithms and practicing coding always help you come up with varieties of solutions to a single problem. Today, I will share some simple tips based on my experience that can help you improve your logic building or logical thinking skills easily.

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Tips to Improve Logic Building in Programming

1. Look at Other Programmer’s Code


Just following better programmers on different websites won’t help. You have to look at their code to understand their thinking capabilities. Each problem has different solutions on the Internet. Try to analyze the different logic applied to solve a particular problem. When you have understood, find the ways to improve that logic or implement in different problems.

2. Break Complex Problems into Basic Ones

complex problems

A complex problem doesn’t mean it can only be solved in a thousand lines of code. The ability to handle different complex problems smartly is what differentiates an experienced programmer from a fresher one.

Whenever you face a complex problem, first try to visualize the complexity of the problem. Then, break it into basic problems or modules. Now, start implementing the logic and solving each part. This will improve your logic building capabilities in programming.

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3. Solve Problems by Writing Code

tips to improve logic building skills in programming

Writing algorithmic steps and dry running your code is very good at initial stages, but your logic building will only improve when you start writing code directly on the system.

Choose your favorite programming language, start with small and medium difficulty problems, and then proceed to complex ones.

Again, just don’t start writing code the moment you see a problem. First, try to understand it, think about all the possible solutions, sort out the basic elements of the problem and then start solving. It will definitely help you improve your logic building skills over time.

4. Think Conditionally

Tips to Improve Logic Building Skills in Programming

Programming is all about conditions and loops. You will also have to start thinking conditionally like if condition A is true, do B else do C.

The best part about these problems are conditions are repeatable and can occur again and again. Try to practice if-else, switch, other simple conditions more then go for hypothesis and theories on conditional reasoning and local thinking.

5. Learn Programming Paradigms

oops example

Learning programming paradigms helps a lot in improving logic building skills. It’s like a blueprint to create our projects. There are mostly three common programming paradigms: Imperative, Functional and Object-Oriented.

Imperative programming involves a sequence of statements that change the state of the program. The Functional programming paradigm is mainly used to perform mathematical functions without changing the state. Lastly, the most popular object-oriented works on a concept that everything can be represented as an object. Taking the example of a chair and considering it as an object, All chairs have nearly the same properties but their values are not always the same.

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Wrapping Up

These are some simple tips you can follow to enhance your logic building skill. If I had to pick the most important one, I would’ve been pickup writing code as much as you can. Improving knowledge and learning different languages is good but they will only help if you possess powerful logic building skills. If you have any other tips for beginners, do share with us in the comments below.