How to Decide Which is The Best VPN For You?

We all know by now how important a VPN is. Identity theft is rife and traditional means of protection – strong passwords, antivirus – don’t do nearly enough to prevent it. However, human nature is to be complacent, especially when the solution requires a monetary output.

To be fair, with the sheer number of VPNs out there, we can easily be distracted. Too much choice leads to a lot of indecision, especially with something as hard to judge as a VPN.

The most obvious requirement of a VPN is that it is trustworthy. You need to know that it does what it claims and does not keep your data. This is not easy information to get. However, it is possible. When NordVPN was accused of data mining in August 2018, they made a concerted effort to prove their innocence, and effectively did so. They are perhaps more trustworthy than ever.

But aside from the basics, what are the factors you need to look at when comparing VPNs? Once you’ve read this information, use this VPN comparison tool to compare the best in the business.

Pricing (and discounts)

VPNs are not costly. At around $10 per month, most of us can afford them. However, that does not mean you should lay out this much. Some of the best VPN, including NordVPN, have deals which offer much lower prices.

Most VPNs will give you specials if you subscribe on an annual basis. You can save 60% or more by doing so. Yes, the initial outlay is a far bigger commitment, but it is worth it in the long run. Once you’ve settled on a VPN, you’re going to be in it for the long term anyway. You might as well take advantage of the opportunity to save some money.

Customer Service

No VPN provider is immune to technical difficulties. And when you hit these problems, you’re going to be unequipped to deal with them on your own. No matter your level of expertise, you will need help from the side of the service provider.

For this reason, customer service is particularly important with VPNs. Some otherwise solid VPNs have woefully poor customer service, and this may well disqualify them from your reckoning. Check out independent user reviews to see what others are saying about them. And make sure they have a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days so that you have a chance to test their service for yourself.


While added extras are generally the last thing you look at when comparing most products, they can be a decisive factor when looking at VPNs. For example, all VPNs are necessarily vulnerable to IP leaks. A kill switch option is therefore very useful and may be what ultimately protects you from running into trouble.

Another important factor is that they have adequate apps for all types of devices. Most VPNs have good apps for iOS and Android, but make sure of this fact, as your mobile experience will most likely be your most common experience these days.