Why a Job in the Tech Sector is a Ticket to Happiness?

India has a well-developed relationship with the tech sector, but despite the country’s history, many positions remain unfilled. According to the Times of India, 8/10 of the fastest growing jobs are in the tech sector, with recent emphasis heavily favoring data science and analysis. Technology is not a closed off option, and students of all types can prosper from studying for a career in the tech industry – and for more reasons than you’d think.

Bottom line – money

Salary is, of course, one of the most important parts of any given career path. Technology careers will likely provide a competitive salary while also helping you with other aspects of money management. According to jobs website Glassdoor, you can expect to pull in Rs 420,000, nearly four times the national average wage. This level of earnings can help you to make big purchases and tackle your student loan, both in terms of pure monetary power and the fact that higher earnings will typically lead to better offers from credit agencies when looking to consolidate or refinance.

This will have an impact throughout your life, and as a tech professional, your natural problem solving and analytical skills will lend themselves to managing your money properly. Every student can enjoy the allure of money, but those with strong planning skills will feel the benefit even more.

The joy of flexibility

The office is set to become a thing of the past, according to US news agency CNBC. According to their research, globally, 70% of people work remotely at least once a week. Tech workers are at the forefront of this, and especially digital nomads. A tech job will take you all over the world, or, if you’re a little more shy of adventure, in the comfort of your own home. It also varies in terms of hours – many tech workers are not tied down to the 9-5 patterns of old and will be able to manage themselves. Students who enjoy the arts, or field work based studies such as geography and geology, will enjoy the flexible and varied work of modern tech.

There’s real progression

Many Indian professions are, sadly, blighted by nepotism. The civil service, government, and most notably Bollywood have all strained under nepotism claims accusing them of patently unfair hiring practices.

In the technology sector, nepotism is far more subdued and instead a meritocracy is established. Outside of some larger organisations where marketers take the lead, technology professionals will find they are recognised for their skills and experiences and headhunted for projects. The skills of a person in tech looking to forge a strong career are, therefore, common with many other professions such as law – assertiveness, the ability to present your work with pride, and clear communication skills.

A career in tech is a flexible, lucrative and rewarding one. The tech sector is not restricted to computer and digital experts. Instead, any student can get involved with the right application of their skills.

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