5 Best Alternatives to Java Programming Language

There is no doubt that Java is one of the most popular programming languages. It is a very powerful language that has a wide range of applications. The language will come in handy you want to develop a desktop application, web application or mobile application. No matter how good it may be, Java programming has its own set of disadvantages. Some of them can force you to look for the best alternative for Java programming.

Best Java Alternatives

So, which other languages can I use in place of Java? Here are the five best alternatives to Java programming.

1. Python

python programming

Python is a high-level language that has gained immense popularity in recent years. It also supports object-oriented programming. This is unlike Java which is purely an object-oriented programming language.

One of the attributes that make Python an alternative to Java is the ease of use. As a scripting language, you should not expect any complex issue with regards to the syntax of the language. Python has the ability to connect the system components. This is unlike Java which is usually regarded as a low-level implementation language.

Despite the simplicity, Python is an equally powerful programming language. There are lots of things that you can build using it.

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2. C# Programming


Over the years, there has been a neck-to-neck competition between C# and Java. This is because the two languages are equally powerful and you can use them to build any application regardless of its complexity. Well, rather than competing against each other, let’s just say that C# can be an ideal alternative for Java programming.

Both languages score equally when it comes to security. The only upper hand that Java has it is platform-independent. Although C# can run on Windows and Mac Os-X, it does not run on Linux. The syntax of the two languages is almost similar.

3. C++ Programming

C++ 17 C

We can simply say that Java is a child of C++. This is because almost everything about it is derived from C++. Despite the numerous similarities between the two languages, there are a number of differences between them. It is from the differences that you can see why C++ should be an alternative to Java.

Just like Java, C++ is also a perfect language for systems programming. In terms of speed, C++ is relatively faster than Java. It also has simple and robust libraries giving programmers an easy time when it comes to building large and complex applications.

4. Kotlin

Kotlin for android-

Despite being a new programming language, Kotlin has grown to the most preferred Java alternative. Most developers who were previously depending on Java have switched to Kotlin. The fact that t Kotlin can run on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) means that it has all that it takes to outsmart Java.

The good thing about Kotlin is its interoperability with Java. Both the Kotlin and Java codes can coexist in one project. After compiling, it will be difficult to distinguish which part of the project was coded with Kotlin and which one used Java.

Kotlin has simple syntax and is easy to code. If you are tired of writing several lines of code in Java, Kotlin is the way to go. With this language, you will be able to execute big moves using very few lines of codes. We cannot ignore the fact that Kotlin has a shorter learning curve than Java.

5. Swift


One of the applications of Java programming language is to build applications that will run on iOS and Mac-OS. The good news is there are other alternative programming languages that can do the job perfectly. One of them is Swift.

One important characteristic of Swift is speed. The language is relatively faster than Java. It also meets the highest safety standards. Swift combines the best aspects of modern programming with the programming practices from Apple open source community. This means that it is optimized for agile development.

Swift is an easy to learn language making it friendly to new programmers. It is lightweight hence does not strain the computing resources.

While Java is a powerful programming language, it won’t hurt to try out other languages. The above are the best alternatives to the Java programming language.