Python crowned as the best programming language 2018

No surprise, again Python is the best programming language. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Guido Van Rossum and Python Community for keeping it simple and top-notch coding language.

Competition and comparison among the programming languages are not new. It is an old school concept following from academics and interviews. But the trend on social media platforms became the battlegrounds for such rivalries.

In such battleground, Python has again become the best programming language. Dominating with the highest 31% of votes comparing to other languages that are nominated by Linux Journal readers via Twitter. Following this C and C++ languages stood at the 2nd and 3rd positions with 20% and 14% of votes.

Guido Van Rossum first introduced Python in 1991 and now it’s ruling the technology.

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Top Programming languages statistics

Why Python?

There are many reasons for Python to win the best programming language by Linux Journal Readers Choice award. However, the developers perspective and the features stand the best out of those reasons.

Developers are optimistic about everything while choosing a language or writing code. They strive for a smart, effective, and efficient solution for a problem. That is the reason for them to vote for the simple, fast, and robust programming languages to write snippets.

As a matter of fact, Python has all those super features that simplify the task of programmers. It is an extremely high-level language that is simple to write and understand. Python is an open-source language that is constantly innovating with different communities around the globe. It is already on top of 5 Best Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence Systems.


Whereas, applications of Python are numerous in different fields. And it is the language almost compatible with many code editors. Python is also recognized as an official programming language for Google. Thereafter, it has the flexibility to adapt and extend to the new technologies like AI, machine learning, IoT, and Blockchain.

Become a Python programmer

Are you ready to learn the best programming language? There are many resources and documentation available for users to become the efficient Python Programmer. You can check our article: What applications do you develop with Python Programming? to know more about its applications. You can also read this article: Which one is preferable for Machine Learning? R or Python! if you are interested in developing machine learning applications. Following are the useful resources to learn python from beginner to expert:

What do you think about Python becoming the best programming language?

14 thoughts on “Python crowned as the best programming language 2018”

  1. Seriously??? I do appreciate the language but this is too much exaggeration. Java is 5th and that too after ‘Others’??? What the hell??

  2. While i do enjoy python as much as the next guy, I think it’s important to state: “within a Linux only world”, python is King. I’m not sure I’d enjoy programming it in MacOS or Windows, as the integration is ugly and there’s a bit of effort to get a solid python execution environment just for executing one or two little python programs. And yes, Linux distros have favored python for years, therefore it is very easy to begin developing in python in Linux because most of the tools and libraries have been installed already. So, i think this miopoc result as presented in this article hurts the author’s credibility.

  3. Where is the data? And why would anyone select a scripting language as the best programming language?
    Yeah python is cool and all but the data is just messed up

  4. The heading is best programming language. And for a developer Python is the best. You don’t have to nit pick every syntax, east to build large chunks of code , understandable. So from development perspective Python is best.

    But yes the speed will be a compromise but reduced development time is more important for devs than execution time. Beside execution time is hardly noticeable now with Python ( some cases )

  5. The biggest education board of India has decided to start Python Programming education for its Secondary and Senior Secondary school students. This news will definitely give a positive vibes.
    Good luck Python .

  6. Congratulations Python developers. I love Python and I am interested to lean Python programming languages . Please inform me about Python

  7. Mr. Aambuj , Linux is the best operating system and not very small group. Just check out and ypu will find that linux is the most used operating system ( it also includes servers, supercomputers, android, TVs, etc. On pc however, Windows 7 is the most widely used OS).

  8. Happy to hear this ..
    I’m a big Python Enthusiast.
    But as per StackOverflow survey, python is only a Leading Language

  9. the 3 scalability axes/dimensions are:

    1. build time
    2. run time
    3. development and (super important) maintenance time

    python is very nice. but follow the white rabbit: 1. excellent, 2. mediocre, 3. horrible maintenance because of type unsafeness

    java goes like: 1. very good, 2. mediocre, 3. decent

    c++ goes like: 1. mediocre, 2. exceptional, 3. exceptional

    level of cs / se knowledge

    python – low
    java – medium
    c++ – high, reduced with modern c++

    no large, professional system can run while compiler is missing or not your best friend, unless you work for bimbos like disney parks and recreations

    but python is nice

  10. Java is usually the standard programming language for interactive web-based content, video games and mobile apps. Many thanks for sharing this article.


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