PUBG Mobile to Release Snow Map “Vikendi” on December 20

It seems like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is on a charm offensive to woo its fans. Just earlier this year, it launched the mobile version of the game for Android and iOS devices. As if that was not enough, Tencent has gone ahead to release the new Vikendi map update in the upcoming version of PUBG Mobile.

The question that many PUBG loyal fans have been asking is when will the map be made available? According to the sources, the Vikendi map will be unveiled to the public for the first time on December 20. However, they’ve launched the Mobile beta version of the map on Monday. The map has already been available on the PS4 and Xbox and PC test servers.

According to the leaked patch notes, the public version of the Vikendi map will be made available on December 20. As expected, the updated Vikend map will come with an array of new features. This was revealed by the patch notes that were released by XDA developers.

The update features a new snowmobile which is the only means of transport that can take you to the Vikendi map. There is also a snowball fight feature which is exclusively for the Spawn Island.

Do you want to learn more about the new map and other updates that have been made in the game? Well, here is a breakdown of the most conspicuous changes:

Vikendi map

PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Patch notes

  • The much-anticipated Vikendi 6km by 6km snow map which will be available for download on December 20. This map will be available for matchmaking 24 hours after the download.
  • Snow mode weather has been added to the map.
  • Vikendi exclusive snowmobile
  • Snowball Fight which is on the Vikendi’s island
  • A custom layout for players with large hands
  • An extra display for the Crew Challenge winners who are based at the Erangel’s Spawn Island.
  • The results of a player on the Crew Challenge will now be displayed on the Crew pages. You can share these results with other players.

In addition to the structural changes, the new update came with thematic changes. These changes include:

  • A new snow theme has been introduced on the main menu. Players will be required to collect bells from the Classic mode and use them to earn rewards.
  • The front page of the shop has been customized to put heavy emphasis on the themes of each update.
  • Some of the matchmaking changes that come with the latest Vikendi map release include:
  • An extra cross-server matchmaking. This feature allows players to play with other players who are at the same level but on different servers.
  • Players who have a constant habit of exiting the matches right after starting will be banned from finding other matches within a particular period.

Apart from the above changes, PUBG Mobile has made a number of improvements to the game. For instance, the game’s security has been enhanced whereby you can now report any suspicious behaviour.

There are also some improvements in terms of the reward system. With the new update, players will be allowed to collect the daily mission rewards at once. Also, players can use the materials that are available at the lab to upgrade their weapons.

The update also features a Lucky Treasure. Basically, this feature allows players to acquire the upgradable weapon finish Glacier(M416) once they have finished their daily missions. There are also extra season spending rewards. They will help you to acquire firearms on discounts.

In overall, the Vikendi Map update promises to bring a whole new experience. For instance, players won’t need to add a new language for the matchmaking and chat. The new chat feature is also economical inters of the memory space that it requires. It is capable of storing more messages but consumes less memory.

There is no doubt that the Vikendi map release will receive a warm reception from the players. You can follow my youtube channel GeekyVicky for latest PUBG updates and Livestreams.