10 Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs in 2019

There is no doubt that computer science is a very marketable course. Upon your graduation, you are guaranteed of landing a high-paying job. On the same note, this course is very wide. Computer science opens you up to many different career options. You can choose to be a software engineer, data analyst, system administrator, security analyst, and many others.

Before specializing on any computer science-related job, there is one question that will automatically come into your mind. How much will I earn? Well, different jobs offer different perks. Here are the highest paying computer science jobs we’ll see in 2019. We’ve created this list after analyzing various job sites and online communities.

Highest Paying Computer science Jobs in 2019

1. Big Data Engineer

In recent years, Big data has been one hot topic in the business world. It entails converting raw data into meaningful information that can be used for decision making. Businesses are in a dire need for big data experts.

It is understood that with the right data, a business can easily pass its competitor and move to the next levels. Apart from analyzing and interpreting data, big data engineers are also responsible for developing software that can automate the task of data analysis. For this reason, a business will be ready to part with huge sums of money to retain its data engineers. A computer science degree and some hands-on skills on the database are necessary for one to be a big data engineer. The average salary of a big data engineer is $155,000.

2. Data Scientist

The work of data scientist is to bring the sense out of data. Apart from having knowledge of computer science, data scientists are good at mathematics, statistics, and modelling. They use this knowledge to critically analyze complex data from various sources. A data scientist should also be good at some programming languages such as Python and Java. The average salary of a data scientist is $121,500.

3. Information Systems Security Manager

Systems security is a very critical topic that is giving many people some problems. Even the organizations that are assumed to be having the most advanced security infrastructure always find themselves under threat. To alleviate the risks, they usually hire information systems security managers.

Systems security manager ensures that there is no breach of security in the systems of the organization. They also have to stay updated on the latest security trends. In order to be a systems security analyst, you need to have major certification such as CompTIA Security+ or a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). The job attracts lucrative perks. Their average salary is $140,000

4. Data Architect

Unorganized data is not of any use to an organization. It needs to be well-structured in a way that it can be interpreted and used by the business or any other organization. It is the responsibility of the data architect to organize data in a well-stipulated structure. They are also responsible for translating the business requirements into meaningful database solutions. A data architect also ensures that all the security measures of the database have been achieved. The average salary of a data architect is $133,500.

5. Applications Architect

This is one of the highest paying computer science job. The job entails designing and organizing the whole structure of an application, regardless of the platform on which it will be used. An application architect will work on the user interface, middleware, and backend of an application. They should also have technical information on the operation of an application.

In most occasions, application architects are required to work with other developers. For this reason, communication skill is a must-have requirement. They should also have planning and organization skills. Their average salary is $ 135,000.

6. Data Manager

Although it may sound like an ordinary job, do not make the mistake of underrating it. It is one of the high paying computer science job. All businesses and organizations have databases. The only thing that may vary is the size of the database. A database needs to be maintained on a routine basis. Such tasks are performed by database managers.

Data managers in large organizations earn up to an average of $129 000. Apart from academic qualifications, a database manager needs to possess leadership and organization skills.

7. Software Engineer

Once you graduate with a degree in computer science, you can end up becoming a software engineer. This job entails designing and creating core engineering specifications for software and applications. You should be knowledgeable about the information systems and specific programming languages. You should also have excellent communication skills. The average salary of a software engineer is $ 124, 500.

8. Data Security Analyst

The job of a data security analyst is to create various powerful mechanisms for protecting data against various forms of risks. This can be against both internal and external security threats. Data security analysts should have an in-depth understanding of computer security, network security, network protocols, encryption technologies, firewall administration among several other security measures. They should always be aware and updated of the laws concerning the security of data. A recognized certification such as CISSP is usually required by the employers. The average salary of data security analysts is $125,000.

9. Mobile Applications Developer

Many businesses are seeking to out to reach their customers beyond websites. The easiest way of reaching customers is through mobile devices. To achieve this, they have to build mobile apps. This means that there is a high demand for mobile application developers. This directly translates to high pay.

Mobile application developers must be experienced in developing apps for two major platforms (iOS and Android). You should also be experienced in coding using different frameworks and different mobile development languages. The average salary of a mobile application developer is $107,000

10.Wireless Network Engineer

There is no doubt that more people are embracing mobile offices. They give people the power and ability to work from anywhere. These offices and even mobile devices need to be connected to a wireless network hence increasing the demand of network engineers.

Network engineers are experts in all the aspects of computer network They are also good at issues that are related to network security. To be one, you need to have a networking certification such as the Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP). The average salary of a wireless network engineer is $122,000.

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