Top 4 AngularJs Frameworks for developing Apps

HTML is an excellent way of creating static internet pages, but its static features can’t give a dynamic function to the website without the incorporation of a scripting language like JavaScript. But for the creation of much stronger client-server coding and smooth running of the application, advancement of JavaScript was necessary, so the concept of AngularJs evolved. Google introduced it in 2012. It is open-source and free software that gets incorporated HTML under the <script> tag.

AngularJs is gaining popularity for SPA development. It has a lot of contributions towards making JavaScript a widely used client-side programming language. The user can make use of many advanced attributes of AngularJs along with HTML itself.

It is my instinct that AngularJs is here to live for a long time, and could establish itself as an asset in the web industry. To help the developers further, they have developed different frameworks for creating a dynamic and responsible web application. But deciding on a framework that meets your preference may be a bit complicated as there are a lot of front-end frameworks to be had in the market that helps AngularJs.

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Aspiring developers who are searching ahead to work on Angularjs can use these frameworks, they’ve made the development of the software extraordinarily if you want you can also go through the AngularJs tutorial to learn about them. Give me a chance to assist you with understanding a portion of the framework that will help you in web and smartphone application ventures.

1. Ionic Framework

ionic angularJS Framework

It is a champion among different AngularJs Framework that has accomplished its situation within one year of the first experience with the world. It gets enlisted under the category of web-based Hybrid app framework. It is extraordinary compared to other frameworks for a web designer if you are anticipating building a mobile application and in the meantime have a pocket crunch then Ionic is the best decision for you.

Give me a chance to comprehend the critical segments of Ionic:

Being a front-end framework of Angularjs, it helps in the versatile and snappier development of an application.

It is a Sass-based Framework that can is utilized for the application development of smartphones.

It tends to be fused alongside HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, and so forth and the application can be conveyed with the assistance of a native application like Cordova or PhoneGap.

The framework gives some of the services and functions are:

  • It is one of the handiest frameworks that empower designers to utilize all the native web development tools that are found in the Software Advancement Kit.
  • You can develop your app using this framework that will run seamlessly both on Android and iPhone, so no worries at all about the platform.
  • As a developer, you will find its excellent CLI compliance, so instead of writing complicated commands you can go for simple ones.,
  • As you get used to using the CLI you will find how quickly you can incorporate Cordova plugins, push notifications, and many other front-end application packages.

Ionic again comes in two variations Ionic and ionic 2. With Ionic 1 you can be more centered around creating smartphone applications as opposed to creating websites that get upheld on smartphones. However, with Ionic 2 you can look forward to working on both hybrid and native applications. It has some advantages over Cordova, Progressive web apps, and Electron. It has become one of the angular best practices of 2018.


One of the best benefits of using this platform is, you don’t have to code separately for different platforms. You have to code once, and it will run on all the platform, as the framework supports multiple platforms or cross-platform.

Learning and working on this framework is a lot easier as it is mainly developed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The best part of this platform is it gets embedded in Angularjs by default.

2. LumX

lumx angularJS framework

If you are looking forward to one of the best Angularjs frameworks, then don’t think twice about choosing LumX. The foundation stone of LumX is laid on Google Material Design, and you can build your application as per Google guidelines. Angularjs data model best practices are used here.

It is not only the best framework for web app building but also you can develop Customized Software apps. It is still a new framework in the world of web development but has already managed to gain much attention from developers. It has all of the guides from CSS and Sass, in addition to it, you get a bunch of components from Angularjs.

Tweaking your application with LumX Tweaking your application with LumX in its building structure. So far many frameworks have been propelled however this is the best JavaScript MVC platform to manufacture Single Page Application (SPA).

One of the essential criteria that you ought to recollect while developing a web application using any framework is, how well it is getting executed. Because of its compatibility, LumX developers prefer to JQuery or any other Plugins.


One of the fundamental motivations behind the eagerness of LumX it takes after the rules set around by Google Material Design.

Its functionality gets updated automatically by optimizing your files.

3. UI Bootstrap

UI bootstap

The skeletal structure that works behind Angular UI Bootstrap is Bootstrap, which is considered one of the top-notch frameworks in the web development industry. The additives that back this framework are Angular JS, Bootstrap CSS, Angular Animate, and angular touch. These components make UI Bootstrap one of the most robust front-end frameworks.

If you are using this framework, then you don’t have to depend on JQuery and Bootstrap. You can experience an Angularjs tutorial on youtube, to take in more about the framework. You can likewise add new mandates to your application like color picker, drop down, and many more.


This framework is being utilized for quite a while now as it is one of the relentless frameworks.

There is no hard and fast requirement of JQuery in this framework.

This is one of the ideal frameworks being used today.

4. Mobile Angular UI

mobile angular UI

This Framework is mostly used for mobile application development, and it can be considered an advancement of UI Bootstrap. If you are obsessed with Angularjs, then you can use this framework to develop apps for mobile that is powered by HTML5.

It has inherited most of its components from Bootstrap3 with a few additions for mobile applications such as the sidebar, scrollable areas, etc. you can find Angularjs Development Services provider here that is used in Bootstrap. You can easily convert your web application code into free convertible form just by adding this framework and making it enabled for touch and responsive.


  • From its application, you can comprehend that it is a lightweight framework that can act quickly.
  • It has additives that can be mobile-unique which makes it a splendid choice for programmers to develop cellular applications. Angularjs tutorial pdf will help you learn more about this.
  • With a few changes to the desktop application, it can convert the application to mobile-compatible.


The software world is ever-changing, and so is Angularjs, you will find new features are getting added very often. If you are a developer, and partial to Angular JS, then you should select the framework that suits your consumer necessities. Angularjs affords you a framework for both web and smartphone programs, you have to make the selection wisely in choosing the right framework.

But while working with Angularjs many developers do not pay attention to its documentation, you don’t make this mistake. Go ahead, choose a framework, and develop your app. Angularjs performance best practices are a must-follow for you.