Fotophire Slideshow Maker: A simple tool to make beautiful slideshows

Imagine you’re having a family reunion or on a get together with your mates or it’s your fiance’s birthday, you’re having a good time and what could make the day more memorable? A glimpse into the past of all wonderful/stupid doings /moments of joy and sorrow shared with the loved ones in the form of a small clipping. Fotophire Slideshow Maker aims to do just that and help you cherish the memories and have a good time.

The problem and the Solution

So we are all well aware of how Windows Movie maker helps us in making the slideshows/short clippings. But like all the applications, this one too has its limitations. You’ve to go through the hassle of editing the photos in a different software and find your own music to add to the background and what not. To avoid all this, Fotophire Slideshow Maker will let you edit the photos, choose a preset theme for the clipping and also add your own music if required. Let me show you how in the following steps.

Creating a Masterpiece with Fotophire SlideShow Maker

Initially, we’d have to collect all the pictures to be included in the clipping and store them in a folder.

1. Open the application and import all the pictures from the folder created earlier.

2. You can choose to edit each photo to a different size/built-in effects or apply the edit to all at a time if required

3. Then in the next screen, we simply select the theme of the clipping such as Birthday/Family etc

4. In the next step, we choose the quality of Output, format and Destination of Video to be exported and Voila!!

To make this process more understandable we made the following video, do check it out to see the Application in action.


Fotophire Slideshow Maker is a simple tool to create small but beautiful clips. Spend a few minutes on this application rather than spending hours on other Video Editors. And now you can play these clippings at a family gathering or at a friends reunion and have a good time cherishing the memories. You can download the application here. See you guys in the next one!!