Overview of Best Programming Languages For Cloud Computing

When you want to develop applications for your computer, the first programming languages that will come into your mind are C, C++, Java and even Python. However, your choice of programming languages may be different when it comes to cloud computing. Instead of the general-purpose programming languages, you will go for the ones that are more data-oriented. To help you make the right choice, here is an overview of some of the best programming languages for cloud computing.

Programming Languages For Cloud Computing Purpose

1. SQL


SQL (Structured Query Language) has been around for years. It is mainly designed for data manipulation. Most application programs for computers use SQL to connect a server and the database. The cloud is heavily dominated by SQL making it the most popular programming language for cloud computing.

SQL is categorized as a distinctive-purpose programming language because it is designed for data management in an interactive relational data management scheme. SQL has simple syntax and is easy to learn.

2. Python

python logo data science programming

Python is a high-level programming language that was designed to simplify the whole big data concept. It is quite readable and anyone can learn it within a short time. Currently, Python is used for managing major data-intensive projects, some of which are based on the cloud computing.

Python is an ideal language for cloud computing because it allows programmers to create, analyze and organize large chunks of data with ease. It is also an ideal option for streaming analytics applications that are based on the cloud. The ability to integrate with several other technologies makes Python programming language suitable for cloud computing.

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3. Clojure Programming Language

New Programming Languages - Clojure

Clojure is a general-purpose programming language that utilizes the strengths of scripting language and rides on the efficient resource-rich multithreaded programming. It is a popular language among the data scientists.

Despite being a compiled language, Clojure still manages to remain dynamic hence can be supported at runtime environment. The programming language gives programmers easy access to different Java frameworks. Clojure supports immutable data structures which are mainly used in cloud computing. It also allows programmers to build multithreaded data designs.

4. Go Programming Language

New Programming Languages - GO

Go (Golang) programming language was invented at Google and was intended to be an alternative to C++. The language can be used to develop standalone PC software applications. It is an open source language that you can use to build.

Go has an excellent portfolio in the cloud computing arena. There is quite a number of tools that are developed using Golang including Docker and Consul. These two tools are heavily used for big data and cloud computing. Go is known for scalability and memory efficiency.

5. XML With Java Programming

java logo data science programming

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is basically used to describe data. This is not a programming language that you can use to develop a complex application from the scratch. Instead, the language encodes data and documents into a format that can be understood by both the machine and human readers.

XML is usually associated with Java programming language. This means that whenever Java is used, expect to find XML. Since Java is used to power a number of complex cloud computing applications.

6. Erlang


Erlang is an agile programming language used for building highly scalable solutions. It is also used to build systems that depend on the real-time transmission of data. This makes it an ideal language for cloud computing. Some of the major solutions that are built on Erlang include telecommunications systems and real-time messaging platforms.

Another reason that makes Erlang ideal for cloud computing is its ability to support distributed systems. The language also has a “hot swapping” feature whereby a code can be changed without interfering with the system’s functionality. Erlang is fault-tolerant hence an ideal solution for complex data-based cloud projects.

7. Haskell


Haskell is a general-purpose and functional programming language that is ideal for cloud computing projects. It is a statically typed language that is run during the compile time. Unlike most programming languages, Haskell uses semantics instead of syntax. It does not have statements or give instructions. It only uses expressions.


If you are planning to develop a cloud project or pursue it as a career, try to grasp the above seven programming languages. Although there are tens of others programming languages that you can use, the above are the most popular. They are easy to learn and highly efficient.