Why You Should Learn Go Programming Language?

Google’s Go Programming Language

Go, also referred to as Golang is a program created by Google. It was designed by Ken Thompson, Rob Pike, and Robert Griesmer. Golang is one of the most rapidly growing languages in terms of popularity. Ken Thompson, Rob Pike, and Robert Griesmer created Go Language to be a language that has numerous cores, implements concurrency easily, works smoothly in a distributed environment and allows the programmer to write programs without too much hustle. Go language also has a lean and user-friendly syntax.

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Why Go Language has improved

Google use various programming languages like, Python, Java, C++, and C. It also has advanced technology that has been in existence for a lot of years in its internal systems. These technologies have numerous advantages and disadvantages. You may not notice this in small projects; however, they can’t go unnoticed in big projects.

These technologies can be classified into various topics such as compilation, performance, compliance, security, resource management (money, hardware, energy) and time management.

Over time Google has been developing new technologies for a period to solve various problems. The Go language is one of them. Google created the Go language program for it to solve its problems. All features that are added or not added to the go language are decisions which were determined and implemented by the software’s vast experience in big projects.

The main aim of the Go Programming language is to launch a language that is fast, flexible, powerful and with few language features and rules. Google’s Go programming language is an entirely open language. The team which is responsible for the development of the Go language has contributed significantly to this language. Many technology companies have been toiling on some additional capabilities in the language. The technology companies follow opinions of software developers via the developer community.

What was Go Programming Language developed for?

Go Programming Language was mainly developed for system programming. It was designed for it to be thought of as an appropriate solution for writing servers, designing, and subsystems. Golang also enables you to create top-notch quality content.

The Go language can also be used for systems that are embedded.

Why Should You Learn Go Programming language?

1. Go programming language has positive credentials

Google fully finances Golang. Its creators were geniuses, and they contributed to things like JVM, UNIX, C, B among others. Purpose of Golang was to serve as a future-proof language to solve present challenges and challenges that may come up in the future.

2. Golang is an open language

It’s essential for any programming language to be open. Being open enables it to be cleaner, better and more efficient.

3. Golang is quite fast

Golang has a simple syntax and structure. The Go language is mainly based on functions, which makes it easy and fast to learn. Its compiled merely, so it enhances shorter feedback saves time and money, and the time to market is shortened. Its simple nature makes it easy to maintain, and the development is cost friendly and fast.

4. Concurrency

Concurrency is vital for any program. It allows numerous programs to run at the same time and in the most effective way. Programs like goroutines, garbage collection and channels make concurrency in Golang a much easier task.

5. Golang is a cross-platform

The Golang program is used in numerous platforms like Linux, Windows, Unix, mobile devices and BSD versions. Also, it features well on many Oss.

6. It keeps bugs away

Golang is a compiled language with strict typization. Developers have to be very attentive and accurate to make the code a bit neater and safe.

Disadvantages of Go programming language

  • Less flexible as compared to languages that are typed dynamically
  • The absence of third-party modules
  • It has a big difference from the C based languages
  • Doesn’t have generics (generics are programs that accept writing codes which can be reused they also save energy and time in other instances).


Go language provides various tools and development for the environment since its open in nature. Though the Go language was developed not long ago, it has been highly preferred technology for more substantial projects over a short time. Among the companies that use Golang include Ubuntu, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, and Google.