6 New Programming Languages you should get to know

1. Go

New Programming Languages - GO

Go programming language was developed by Google to meet the needs of a world defined by multi-core processors, networked systems, compute clusters and web applications.

It is designed to be quick to write, with all modern features such as concurrency and garbage collection built in. Go’s design also aimed to make managing dependencies easier, and to enable applications to scale up more readily.

Sum and product of an array – GO programmming

package main
import “fmt”
func main() {
sum, prod := 0, 1
for _, x := range []int{1,2,5} {
sum += x
prod *= x
fmt.Println(sum, prod)

Reason to Learn:

It is easy to write Go applications and to install them as they are compiled to a single executable rather than requiring dependencies to be installed alongside them.

Go applications can take advantage of modern multi-core processors without too much tinkering, making it suitable for creating web applications for use by large numbers of concurrent users. It was developed by Google, so there is plenty of support and active development.

And it can run on Windows, Linux, Mac and even on small devices like the Raspberry Pi.