6 New Programming Languages you should get to know

3. Rust

New Programming Languages - Rust

Rust was voted Most Loved Language in the 2016 StackOverflow developer survey and could be the answer to your quest. It was developed by Mozilla as an alternative to C++ and enjoys support from Samsung. It is designed to have similar capabilities in terms of memory management and performance as C++ but with more checks at compile time to avoid expensive bugs caused by dangling pointers, buffer overflows and the like. This should make code maintenance a lot easier in collaborative long-term projects.

Decentralised networking company Maidsafe spent six months reducing it’s entire codebase of 500,000 C++ lines to a compact 30,000 lines of Rust, increasing stability at the same time.

Sum and product of an array in Rust


fn main() {
let arr: [i32; 9] = [1i32, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9];
let sum = arr.iter().fold(0i32, |a, &b| a + b);
let product = arr.iter().fold(1i32, |a, &b| a * b);
println!(“the sum is {} and the product is {}”, sum, product);

Reason To learn:

If you’re a systems developer writing low-level software intended to have a long lifespan, and you want something safer and more modern than C / C++. Rust is well supported for a new language and has a growing number of developers and libraries.

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