CloudBerry Backup Software – Easily Backup Your Files on Cloud

Data is of great importance, regardless of its format. You need to ensure that it is well secured and one way of doing so is by backing it up. A problem in your computer hardware components can wipe out the whole data within seconds.

Attack by the computer virus can deny you access to the most important. Backing up data should be among the basic things that you should do. The whole process doesn’t have to be complex. One way of simplifying the whole process is by using CloudBerry Backup.

Most people and organizations prefer to back up their data in the cloud. CloudBerry Backup is software that you can use to back up your data on the cloud and even on the local storage platforms.

We cannot deny the fact that there are several online backup services out there that you can choose. What does CloudBerry have that you won’t find in other software? To answer this question, here is a complete review of the CloudBerry Backup.

What is CloudBerry and What Does it Do?

Cloudberry backup

CloudBerry is a cloud backup software. You should take note that this is not a backup service. It only makes it easy to back up your data. This means that it does not provide storage space and your files won’t be stored on the CloudBerry Backup.

So what is the role of CloudBerry?

CloudBerry serves as an interface or a dashboard. It enables users to create and manage backup packages on other existing cloud storage platforms such as Azure, Amazon S3, and many others. CloudBerry allows you to choose your preferred cloud storage platform. Once you have created an account in a platform of your choice, it automatically becomes a backup system.

CloudBerry Backup also allows a seamless transfer of files from your computer or any device to the storage platform of your choice.

Features of CloudBerry Backup

Here are the specific features of CloudBerry Backup:

1. Cloud to Cloud Connection

This feature allows you to back up data from one cloud storage service to another. This simply means that you can upload data from one cloud storage platform to another platform without any problem. For instance, you can transfer data from Microsoft Azure to Amazon S3.

2. Cloud to Local Storage

This feature enables you to back up files from one cloud storage service to your local storage computer drives. For instance, it is possible to automatically transfer data from the cloud directly to your local computer or even a server.

3. Back Up Email Notifications

Cloudberry makes it possible to backup email notifications while at the same time restore the subject lines. You have the full control of choosing the notifications and subject lines that should be backed up.

4. Supports Different Cloud Services

Unlike other cloud backup software, CloudBerry backup software supports different cloud services. The most common ones include Microsoft Azure, Microsoft One Drive, Amazon S3, BackBlaze, Google Drive, Glacier and many others.

5. 256-bit AES Encryption

CloudBerry Backup uses 256-bit AES Encryption to protect its data. This encryption uses the SSL protocols to protect data while it is being transferred to the cloud.

6. Real-Time and Scheduling Backup

You can program CloudBerry to back up your data on an hourly, daily and weekly basis. You can specify any schedule that you want. With the real-time feature, the software can back up your files at the time of creation.

Who Should Use CloudBerry Backup?

Unfortunately, CloudBerry Backups is not for the newbies. It is ideal for people who have some IT knowledge. You should also have some knowledge of cloud storage. CloudBerry is ideal for someone who wants a simple way of managing data on cloud services.


  • Supports various cloud storage platforms
  • It is quite versatile as it supports both local and cloud storage.
  • It uses image-based backup
  • Highly secure thanks to the AES encryption system
  • You will only pay once for the product


  • Does not provide an independent storage service
  • The product is not for everyone. You must at least be knowledgeable about cloud technology
  • Does not provide block-level backup for Linux and Mac operating systems
  • Does not have a mobile app


From this review, you can see that CloudBerry Backup is very different from most cloud backup software. It eliminates all the complexities that come with backing up data on the cloud. The software is specially designed to meet your needs. However, it is quite technical hence not ideal for a casual user.