Top 5 Productivity Tips for Programmers and Developers

There is a large demand for the programmers who achieve productivity. It’s not just about quicker coding, but they need to conjointly write high-quality code. A programmer’s productivity is always measured with the help of LOC (Line of Code) and quality of the code written.

If you ever wanted to become a productive programmer then, you should require browsing through the following 5 productivity tips. They’ll certainly assist you to boost your craft.

Why should you achieve productivity in programming?

Being a productive coder brings loads of edges, as well as higher pay, workplace edges, exaggerated quality among peers, and internal satisfaction.

Many of startups and companies are also looking for people who can code productively. Learning to achieve productivity will help you to reach new heights. It doesn’t only improve the skill but also alters your lifestyle and create positive vibes as well.

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Go through these 5 programmer’s productivity tips

1. Minimize distractions

Being focussed at workspace is the main asset for a programmer to be productive, a small distraction will create a big mistake. To keep your focus intact, a deeper understanding of your working platforms, tools, and apps are necessary. And there are some other ways programmers get distracted and these distractions are similar to everyone at the workplace. The common distractions faced by programmers at the workplace are noise, smartphones, multitasking, social media, and others. Identifying these common distractions and doing opposite of those will absolutely surge the focus and reap the results.

2. Take full advantage of automation

Automation is the future and it is taking over everything. Taking advantage of it and utilizing its full potential will increase programmer productivity in a better way. Automation will help programmers to solve the complex problems in simpler methods. There are many tools, platforms, and frameworks are integrated with intelligence to automate the tasks like code compiling, migrating programs, and correcting the syntax and semantics of code while developing software. More importantly, automation will leverage project management, operations, and integrations that make the programmer to fully focus on logic implementations and boost productivity.

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3. Setting little goals

Goals really work in improving the productivity of a programmer and help in achieving results before the deadline without any chaos. Always try to set small and little goals rather than huge and long goals. Little goals give you the right perspective to achieve the goal in the required amount of time. You can also use Performance Management Objectives(PMOs) for your programming goals. PMOs basically helps you set the Goals in a SMART way. SMART means Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic, and Time-related goals will absolutely work to increase productivity.

4. Read books

Everything is available on the internet, why there is a need to read books? Availability of resources is not only the criteria, but there are a lot of disadvantages reading from the internet. From physical health to mental health, and distractions are easily caused while browsing information from the internet. On the other hand, reading books gives you a lot of benefits such as improved focus & concentration, mental stimulation, stress reduction, widely increase you’re thought process, stronger analytical thinking, and improves memory.

Books structure of approach collectively helps you to digest info in a very a lot of meaty manner. In the end, you may profit by remaking into a stronger and a lot as the productive programmer. Check: 10 Best Programming Books Available on the Internet for Free

5. Get correct sleep

Working fewer hours will assist you to stay productive. Yes, it works – being workaholics and constantly writing code will not produce the results. Taking deep sleep and works for few hours can give you produce results. Sleep will help your body recover from the previous day and stay fit. Especially, the programmers who are teens and twenties will almost forget to sleep and loses their long-term benefits. Sleep will reboot your brain and repair any damage. Getting enough and correct sleep for programmers will increase their focus, improves the immune system, and enhances memory.

Do you feel programmers need to achieve productivity? if yes, please comment below and share your opinions.

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