5 Ways For Programmers to Keep Up with the Latest Technology

It is always an important task not only for the programmer but everyone to stay updated and know whats going around them. Professionals, who are more into technology and programming should always keep an eye on the news and updates because technology is always changing and the change is rapid.

To take advantage of updates and be the first to learn new things happening around the technology and programming, you need to follow few steps that help to stay connected with updates. In this article, I picked up few ways that assist not only programmers but everyone to ping the current flash news passing through the internet.

5 best ways to programmers to stay updated

1. Google Alerts and News

Everyone is aware that Google is one of the best learning resource ever. It provides different forms of services to its users almost for free. A couple of tools such as Google Alerts and Google News, with any doubt powerful and handy virtual equipment for the people who are willing to stay updated in their professions. In the same way, it also assists programmers to stay connected with the technology, programming, and more.

Google Alerts provides alerts based on your registered keywords in a selected timely basis. You have to sign up with your Gmail account to receive alerts.

Google Alerts

Google News works similar to Google Search Engine, all you need to do is type a keyword to retrieve the list of news results.

Google News

2. Reddit

Reddit is the front page of the Internet. We all are in the misconception that Reddit is more about cats and porn. However, you only come to know the power of Reddit once you become a pro using it. Spend some time on it then, surely one day it becomes primary source to find anything that keeps publishing on the Internet.

To start with Reddit and filter your favorite juice, first create an account and remove all default subreddits. Now, search and follow the technology keywords, programming stuff, and any other requirements for the regular updates.

Few of the Reddit communities for programmers to get started

  • /r/programming: programming
  • /r/technology: Technology
  • /r/web_design: web_design
  • /r/javascript: JavaScript
  • /r/webdev: webdev: reddit for web developers


3. StackOverflow

StackOverflow is one of the largest programming communication, where beginners to experts question, answer, learn, and share their knowledge. We know that people often be too lazy to try something themselves, so they often copy and paste the code. If you think that StackOverflow is only for copying and pasting then, you are looking at its full potential. You can always learn new things about programming and technologies browsing the hottest. It will help you learn things at the same time allows you to engage with the platform. To stay close and be keen to learn regularly about stuff then, sign-up for the platform and continue using it.


4. GitHub Trending

GitHub is almost known to every programmer because of its powerful repositories and innovative integrations. Also, Github has the largest and active community tends to contribute to the open-source projects regularly. Github also consists of the page called Github Trending which allows its visitors to learn new things about repositories and developers. It offers filters to users to easily search for their required topics. This is also one of the best ways for programmers to stay updated about things happening in their craft.


5. Follow Social Media Pages

Following technology, programming, & popular company pages, and also prominent people on Twitter is another way of keeping your sight on what’s happening around you. A lot of people like to share events, news, and facts on the social media regularly that will reach to the wide audience. I would say this is the quick media to learn things fast and stay updated. To continue using social media for updates, the programmers need to sign-up or sign-in and search for the media pages and tap on Follow/Subscribe button. That’s it! you will receive every post shared by them.


Do you find any other ways to stay updated on programming/technology? If you stuck with anyone, the comment section is always open for you.