10 Programming Blogs Every Programmer Should Follow

Rule of the thumb that every new programmer must follow is to interact with the right kind of programming blog. This can be useful as you begin your career in programming. Blogs are a great tool to source out useful information that may help you in your programming. The right kind of blog is detailed and well-focused on providing relevant information. Here is a list of top 10 blogs that every programmer should be reading.

10 Best Blogs about Programming and Development

1. Geeks for Geeks blog

Geeks for Geeks blog is simply an online journal where programming software engineers, yearning to land careers at huge tech companies interact. Here, programming geeks seek relevant answers to possible programming questions that may be asked during such interviews. Geeks for Geeks blog is a client-submitted blog where developers who are still amateurs post their own interview encounters.

2. Six Revisions

Founded in 2008 by a programming guru, Jacob Gube, Six Revisions is a programming blog that has useful and viable articles on programming for web engineers and planners. You will also find instructional exercises, guidance in programming tools, and great information on anything HTML, CSS, JavaScript among many others. If you are interested in advancing your programming career, then this is one blog that should be on your bucket list.

3. Google Developer blog

Owned by Google, this blog contains relevant discussion groups for programmers who mostly use Google developer’s products. It might be quite relevant in your programming career if you prefer to work on Google developer projects. It also provides news and insights on Google platforms, tools, and events.

4. Coding Horror

The Coding Horror is yet another programming blog that has proven to be quite resourceful for programmers. The main blogger, Jeff Atwood is a software developer who is well experienced in programming. He usually gives good programming tips coupled with great visuals. What I love most is the manner in which the programming content is delivered, quite upbeat and quirky hence targeting all levels of programmers. The blog seems not much of active this year but it has hundreds of blog articles on important programming and coding concepts

5. HackerEarth Blog

HackerEarth is one of the most popular programming contest sites. Its blog is run by experts in the industry. There are different articles on different programming tools and cutting-edge technology that might go a long way to assist you to become a pro in programming. Further, there are also webinars that will guide you on how to be an effective programming blog.

6. DZone.com

DZone proud itself for being a programming blog that will offer you great insights into the world of coding and development. There are articles that contain useful content that seems to be well-detailed and written by experts in the field of programming. This is yet another blog that you need to familiarise yourself with.

7. The Linux Foundation blog

If you need a variety of content related to open source and shell scripting or anything that revolves around software engineering and programming, then you need to follow the Linux Foundation blog. There are detailed programming and cutting-edge tech-related articles written by authors from the Linux Foundation who are mostly experts in programming and software engineering. Linux is also considered the best operating system for programmers so it’s important to know what’s going on in the world of Linux.

8. The Github blog

This programming blog presents you with an opportunity to interact with other students, coders, and teachers as well. You can find special assignments aimed at sharpening your skills as a programmer. You are allowed to post any questions on any issues related to programming and professional teachers guide you through step by step. There are also great articles written by teachers as well as other students to help you develop content for your programming blog.

9. Microsoft Developer blog

Microsoft Developer blog is run by professional software engineers who have a vast knowledge of programming and web advancement. Sharing their invaluable experience, these programming blogs are simply a must-read for all programmers. There are also up to date information about recent software and technological advancement that might be quite resourceful in helping you come up with quality content for your personal programming blog.

10. Code Better

If you are looking for all the best-practice methods in programming as well as relevant programming tools and techniques, this blog is a must-read. There are various bloggers on Code Better who are well experienced in programming. Most of the authors have day jobs as software developers hence, they are undoubtedly gurus in programming as they share their personal experiences. You can even find tutorials on Code Better that will help you be a good programmer.

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