Rust is the Most Loved Programming Language in 2018

The new systems programming language, Rust is receiving more unconditional love from the developers. According to the Stack Overflow developer survey, three years in a row (i.e., in the year 2016, 2017, and 2018) – Rust is the most loved programming language. On the other hand, it also stood on the top ten most wanted languages in the world. As a result, the language’s popularity is growing each year and there is a rise in increasing number of programmers using Rust.

Image source: Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018

Why programming showing more love with Rust?

Rust has first appeared in 2010 which is completely sponsored by Mozilla Research. It is an open-source systems programming language describes as a safe, concurrent, practical, functional, imperative, and procedural language. The language is refined from the experiences of writing the servo web browser layout engine and the Rust compiler.

Its syntax is similar to C++ but provides better performance and security. Also, provides various tools for the novice developers to start shipping code fast. Over 35 countries, it has almost 90 user groups and developer community that commits to the continuous development of the project.

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A snippet of ‘Hello World!’ program in Rust

fn main() {
println!(“Hello World!”);

Moreover, Rust language runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety. It also consists of following features that let Rust as one of the most powerful systems programming languages.


  • zero-cost abstractions
  • move semantics
  • guaranteed memory safety
  • threads without data races
  • trait-based generics
  • pattern matching
  • type inference
  • minimal runtime
  • efficient C bindings

Which Companies are using Rust other than Mozilla?

There are many companies showing interest to develop their projects using Rust programming language. Figma, a real-time multiplayer syncing server is written in Rust. Here is a testimonial on the language by Even Wallace, CTO of Figma.

“We chose Rust for this rewrite because it combines best-in-class speed with low resource usage while still offering the safety of standard server languages. Low resource usage was particularly important to us because some of the performance issues with the old server were caused by the garbage collector”.

Added to this, there are many companies like Coursera, Snapview, DropBox, npm, Autumn, 1aim, Telenor digital, Wire, CoreOS, Atlassian and others use Rust for various applications.

Want to learn Rust? Here’s the official documentation of the language. You can also learn from the Rust ‘The book‘.