Progate App: A door to the exciting world of Programming

In the modern world, Apps truly became a part of users life. For every task, apps are providing on-demand access and creating solutions for the basic problems. Apps have been everywhere from banking to education, experts believe future is all about apps. So, to become ready for the future, Japan’s largest online platform called Progate recently launched its programming learning mobile app “Progate” for both iOS and Android.

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Progate’s Market in India

India is the first country outside Japan, where Progate has a devoted workforce. Progate also identified the potential of India markets and knew few of its competitors doing really well. Also, Progate taking a different approach by partnering with some of India’s recognized engineering colleges through the Progate Ambassador Community program.

So, it will help them to prepare students for developer-focussed career and be making them Job-ready. It offers special pricing as well as certification on completion of courses. However, the approach of releasing Progate app will reach to more stakeholders in India and help them learn latest and upcoming programming skills.

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“Progate is the best solution for those who are interested in learning to code but do not know how to start. Unlike conventional programming quiz apps, we offer a practical learning experience that will help users build full-stack applications. “We are very pleased to release this app to help beginners all over the world, especially in talent-rich markets like India, learn to code in a fun way.” said, Masa Kato, CEO of Progate.

Features of the Progate mobile app

  • Learn while having fun
  • Learn at your own pace with illustration-based slides
  • Learn by doing
  • Top quality lessons

At the moment, Progate provides 11 courses and 50 lessons to take your first step in programming. The perspective of the App is to make the experience of coding practical and easy to understand. Even beginners can start learning lessons from the app. On completing each course, it earns certificate so you can share your achievement on social media.

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