10 Android Apps for Programmers to Improve Programming Skills

From personal works to business tasks, apps are becoming one-stop solutions. Even for learning, there are plenty of e-learning apps in the app stores that encourage students for self-study at their own pace. To catch up the advantage and give more freedom for programmers to learn to programme from novice to expert, various coding apps are also built.

These programming apps contain rich content with practical editors, examples, and exercises that make learners more personalized. So, I pick up 10 apps from the Android Play Store that provide all sorts of programming resources for every coding enthusiast.

Top 10 apps that make you from beginner to expert in programming

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1. SoloLearn

If you are looking for one of the best programming apps then, SoloLearn will be on the top. The rich and quality content it holds will surely brush up your programming knowledge and improve your coding skills. It provides a large collection of free content that helps you master coding from novice to expert.


  • You will get access to fresh and free content daily
  • This app is personalized
  • There is a 24/7 free peer support
  • You can share your knowledge with other for free
  • You will get access to the free mobile editor

2. Programming Algorithms

Programming Algorithms is introduced by GeeksforGeeks, one of the best source for learning code. It consists of a large number of algorithms which are helpful to code in any language. Generally, it is a one-stop shop for all the coding resources for the programmers.


  • This app is best suitable for preparing technical interviews
  • It will enhance your coding skills
  • You can search and retrieve any kind of programming algorithms
  • Simple and easy to access content

3. Programming Ideas 2

If any programmer looking to increase their proficiency in a particular programming language then, Programming Ideas 2 is an app to download and install. It offers programmers all kinds of pet projects to work on while learning coding languages. This app provides best hands-on programming examples which take beginner-level coder to an expert.


  • Three difficulty levels of ideas to cater for different proficiency levels
  • Bookmark programming ideas to easy access
  • Add a note and Comment on an idea
  • Push notifications when new ideas are available

4. Codenza

Codenza helps everyone from an Engineer to a Ph.D. with all aspects of programming. It is said to be a guidebook for computer science enthusiasts. It doesn’t teach coding but helps you to refer to any kind of coding concept and provides all types of computer programs.


  • It consists of all famous programming languages
  • The app is up-to-date with every concept
  • Provides algorithms and computer programs as well
  • Act as a good reference guide to programming

5. Coding ebooks

Sometimes programmers need assistance from the coding books as well. So, they can refer more to practice extensively. Coding ebooks is an app for those kinds of programming enthusiasts. This app is very organized to learn code and increase knowledge. You can easily pick your book and download it, also you can able to view in pdf format.


  • Consists all kinds of coding ebooks
  • Provides an overview of every programming language
  • Once downloaded the ebook, you can use it offline as well
  • Acts as a guide for every newbie who is willing to learn to code

6. StackOverflow

Stack Overflow is one of the best-rated apps where professional and enthusiast programmers ask their toughest questions and get answers from their peers. It holds the best knowledge of coding that helps every programmer to learn and level up their coding skills. It helps everyone to read, ask, vote, comment, and flag on various programming questions.


  • You can draft questions when you are offline
  • It consists of browsing-history view to get back to good questions
  • Receive notifications when an answer is posted on your questions
  • There is no limit for asking questions

7. Grasshopper

Are you a novice to programming? Then, Grasshopper app is for you. It is one of the latest beginner-friendly learn to code app. It is the perfect way to begin your coding adventure with fun and quick games. This will help you learn and write real code and graduate you with fundamental programming skills.


  • Offers Visual puzzles that develop problem-solving skills
  • Solidify coding concepts
  • Provides real-time feedback guides
  • Earn achievements as you learn new skills

8. Encode

Encode will assist programmers to learn to code at their own pace. It acts as a personal coding tutor. This app consists of three paths which help coders to improve their skills in Python, Javascript, and Web.


  • No coding experience needed to learn to code on this app
  • Offers bite-sized coding lessons
  • Conducts mini-code challenges
  • Learn to code when you’re offline as well


Udacity app is one of the best apps for learning today’s in-demand skills and hottest fields through learning programs which are built by top companies. This app fully manages your personalized learning experience. The Udacity mobile app delivers quality and engaging content which attracts its users.


  • Master in-demand skills
  • Manage personalized learning
  • Learn on the Go
  • Launch and advance your career

10. Online Compiler

Online Compiler is the number one mobile Integrated Development Platform(IDE). This app helps to edit, compile and run programs on C, C++, and 23 other programming languages. It is a fastest online compiler that allows to practice coding on the go, anytime, anywhere.


  • Highlight the code syntax
  • You can able to open existing code snippet from internal storage
  • Autosave code
  • You can add single and multiple inputs to the code

Get started programming today! Also, help us know more Android apps useful for programmers in the comment section below that are not featured in this article.

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