5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Programming

Programming is a group of activities such as analysis, developing, understanding, generating algorithms, verification of requirements of algorithms including their correctness and resources consumption, and implementation of algorithms in a target programming language.

Here are the five reasons why everyone should learn programming.

1. Programming teaches you real-life lessons

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Programming, as we all know, is never an easy task to do. Trial and errors, sleepless nights, name it. In programming, you will get to know more from the mistakes that you make once and try not to do it the next time. You will learn that nobody is an island and you can seek help from others with the same experience as you do and learn teamwork. Do not fear your mistakes or failures and always try to solve the problems logically. Programming can make you analyze the errors and how to resolve them.

2. Programming makes you creative

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Programmers think in a very structured way rather than looking directly at the big picture and missed the smallest details. Programmers, when they are given a problem to solve, they don’t just start to code it right away. What they do is they to break it down into workable pieces and then get on it.

When you learn how to program, you develop this kind of habit. You work your way out in a structured format, meaning, you gradually program your brain to break every problem down into pieces so that you can understand it better. You then start to think in a logical way and this gives you more creative solutions than before.

3. Programming make things easier

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Imagine before, with no computers, no gadgets,  no nothing. Life was simple before but getting things done was way too slow. For example, during an election. Before you need to write every name of your chosen candidate on a paper, then the election officers will read that one by one and there is a million of it to be counted making the counting lasts for several months to finish. This has been avoided because of the programmers.

Instead of writing everything down like the name, you can now just click the name of the candidate and you’re good to go. If you can create a program for a task that takes too long to finish, life could be better for you.

4. Job Opportunities

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If you are looking for a career change or does not have a course to pursue yet, you should at least consider this. Learn programming and see where it takes you. Moreover, the job opportunity is really huge than the people who took it as a career. In fact, software engineers, architects, and developers belong to the most highly paid jobs available in the employment market. A programmer can get any of these top 5 highest paying jobs in Computer Science and IT industry.

5. Coding teaches you how to be persistent

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The life of a programmer is a ‘trial, error and repeat’ kind of life. They are trained to think logically. In this way, they can think of a better solution to any problem that they can encounter.

Persistence can be learned in programming because it takes time to create a successful program. A series of unfortunate events might even happen, sleepless nights and solutions that might work at first but can eventually make things worst. All of that is what the programmer faces every day. You can learn how to be patient if you really want a flawless work. As they all say,  good work takes time to complete.

Final words

Programming does not only teaches you in a very technical way but in real life situations as well. It teaches you how to be optimistic and courageous when it comes to every decision you apply to your work. You should also check our article on 5 habits that stop you from being a good programmer.