Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science and IT

One of the silent wishes of a professional career person is to land a job that pays well to be able to live comfortably. This is also one of the goals of the students in choosing a course or career when they enter their college years. Everyone wants a job that they love but can pay them big. Especially in this digital era where everything is run by computers. More and more people choose computer science as their career path not just because it is in demand but also because it pays well.

Below are the top 5 highest paying jobs in computer science and IT Industry. All the salary information is gathered from Forbes list and Glassdoor research.

1. Software Architect

The average salary of a software architect is up to $116, 267. Yes, you read it right. They are the software experts. Their typical duties include the following: assembling and supervising the project as well as the team doing it, you also create software design models and choose the coding standards, tools, and platforms.

In addition to that, software architects also give progress reports to senior management and fix the code mistakes, they are also responsible for supervising software testing, and track the metrics well as the performance versus the project goals.

Google is one of the high paying companies for this job.

2. Data Scientist

Data Scientists can be paid for up to $109, 399 as an average compensation. What they actually do is to analyze data and make actionable insights after analyzing. They should be keen to details because they need to collect and clean complex digital data like the statistics usage of a website, to be able to interpret it very well. They are very crucial in a business especially in order to assist in its decision-making process. Many silicon valley based technology companies are hiring for this type of jobs.

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3. Software Engineer

With the average salary of $ 98,304, Software Engineering might be your dream job. They are responsible for optimizing software. The work is based on their technical, mathematical or scientific knowledge through engineering principles. Software Engineers develop and maintain system applications and the system itself. Google, Apple, and Yahoo are some of the highest paying companies for this job profile.

4. Mobile App Developer

The average salary for a Mobile App Developer is around $96,133. They have a clear knowledge of Android or iOS, and the underlying programming languages that they need to use in order to develop an application. They develop application programming interfaces (API) that are used for multiple functionality and data connectivity. Google, Facebook, Uber are some of the highest paying companies for mobile app development.

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5. Database Admin

$87, 025 is the average salary of a Database Administrator. They must identify the needs of users. They are the ones who maintain the company’s database. He or she also designs and implements the databases, schedule and run regular backups and recover lost data, if any. They implement and monitor database security and ensure data integrity. Microsoft and Epic Systems are hiring this kind of jobs.


Sure thing, there are a lot of jobs out there to choose from. It is important that you choose the job that you like and a job that could pay you well enough to sustain all your needs. However, do not rely mainly on the salary as a deciding factor for you to apply for these jobs because these jobs are not easy. One must have a great knowledge of this field and must be very keen with details. So if you are looking for a job now and you love computers (software especially) take this list as a guide to pursue.