Robotic highway flagmen make road construction work safe

In most cities around the world, controlling heavy traffic on the highways is quite a challenge especially if there is construction going on. Constructions cause snarl-ups, sometimes due to careless driving and failure to follow instructions by some of the drivers, there might be a loss of lives.

This is so especially with the same flagmen deployed to direct vehicles. Many of them have fallen victims to careless and fast drivers. Construction work requires an input of many man-hours and many costs.  It is also a tiring job for a flagman who has to stay alert all the time redirecting vehicles. This, however, is changing in some cities around the world where robots are now acting as the flagmen.

Some companies in a few major cities started this trend, which is slowly catching up in other cities. On construction sites where patches on the road are going through repair, there are robotic flagmen redirecting traffic instead of the usual human faces everyone sees. The fully automated robot has a human skeleton. Made from plastic with a steel frame, the structure stands over a certain designated place and redirects traffic just like a human would do. Sometimes for ease of movement, the skeleton robots have added wheels.

Two of the major companies that have taken up this initiative are IL & FS Transportation Networks and Ashoka Buildcon. These Asian construction companies are opening trends that are slowly picking up in other countries.

Benefits of using robotic construction flagmen

1. Cutting down on costs

By using robotic flagmen on construction sites, many companies will cut down on several costs. One of the major costs to cut down on will be labor costs. Construction work requires the input of massive labor, which takes over 50% of the total constructions costs.  However, with the newly automated skeleton, the robotic flagman can take up work of several people thus cutting down on the costs.

2. Time-saving

By using robotic flagmen on construction sites, companies are saving on time wastage. Sometimes the number of people hired to carry out the construction work goes down as they take up the responsibility of acting as flagmen thus reducing the number of workers on the job. This may take the companies longer to finish the construction work. Robotic flagmen will replace the men that acted as flagmen and free them for other construction duties.

3. Safety

Most governments will agree that the safety of human life should be first on every agenda in every construction or manufacturing process. During construction of major highways and roads in many cities, accidents during the traffic diversion occur. By using the robotic human skeleton flagmen to divert vehicles during construction, there will be fewer accidents or none at all. Construction workers can stay clear of oncoming traffic, which is especially dangerous for flagmen.

3. Trendy

You have to agree that using robots instead of humans is quite trendy. The robots act as some attraction of some sort to motorists and pedestrians. Some take a minute or so to stare and marvel at the creativity that goes into making these skeleton almost human structures work just as well if not better than humans do. This goes to show that the companies that adopt these robotic humans and arms are moving with the technology innovations and improving the economy of their countries and the standards of living for the people.

Wrapping it up

It is inevitable today that humans and robots interact together in workplaces to attain the full potential needed for better results. It is also not a guarantee that every robot you get to help or take over the stipulated work will give out its best. You have to be careful that you go for the best and tried robots.

Being one of the leading manufacturers of collaborative robots, Universal Robots works hand in hand with construction companies and government offices to ensure that all the robots meet the required compliance standards. Universal Robots take a safety in workplaces seriously and only uses advanced technology and state of the art production processes to produce the safest and most innovative robots.

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