What you should know about Modern Day Ballistic Shields

During riots and other unrests in many places, the police use shields to protect themselves against objects thrown at them like stones and canisters. Most of these shields are lightweight and cannot prevent a bullet from penetrating through. For bulletproof shields, they use tactical ballistic shields. The lightweight riot shields are ideal for riot police, correction officers for cell extractions, and other security personnel that may get involved in situations that do not involve the firing of guns.

Modern-day ballistic armor shields from TenCate Advanced Armor not only protect the users against handguns, shotguns, long guns, and projectiles, but also from stabbings and, weapons that can cut into the skin launched missiles like rocks, arrows, and other projectiles. The shields made with the compliance of the ballistic protection levels of the government are ceramic, glass, or steel. Used mainly by SWAT teams, the tactical ballistic shield, has viewing visors, straps, kickstands, and lighting systems.

Why the ballistic shields are necessary

Many people do not understand how effective and necessary a ballistic shield is until there is a situation that involves shooting or throwing projectiles. In a riot, for example, facing off rioters without any protective gear can harm the body badly. The belief that maybe the place you live is safe and you would not need protection is outdated.

The world is changing and with the changes, more and more people are out to cause trouble. The increase of firearms in many countries all over the world is also alarming and therefore the need to have a backup plan for protection. This is so especially for the patrol officers who are always the first to appear in chaotic situations.

The good thing is the ballistic armor shields are portable and lightweight. TenCate Advanced Armor also offers training on how to use the ballistic shields to anyone willing to purchase them. The shields are adjustable to different angles and they can match every environment.

It is easy to deploy the ballistic shield in a couple of seconds, which allows the officers to respond confidently to any situation they encounter.

TenCate advanced armor, recently collaborated with European Special Forces to develop better lightweight and portable anti-ballistic shields. The shields are strong enough to protect every person against every type of sharp and pointed object thrown at them. The lightweight shield made from TenCate Targa Light CX has high-grade ceramics composite, boron carbide, and a number of strong fiber materials. The fibers include polyethylene of the highest quality and aramids.

The shields also have other ultra-modern features added to them. These are shock protection, adjustable handles, ergonomic shapes, day and night cameras, periscopes, and night vision equipment. So far, nothing in the market currently comes close to this new version of the lightweight shield.

Why use Tencate ballistic shields

  • They protect the user from any effects of blunt trauma
  • They protect the user’s vital organs
  • They offer maximum comfort to every user
  • Easily adjustable to suit every user
  • They come with many features like cameras, straps, and others
  • They are flexible
  • To protect the ballistic materials from bad weather conditions and humidity, the company offers welded envelopes. This way the materials are safe from mildew and mold due to too much exposure
  • The ballistic shields come in different shapes with panels designed for maximum comfort and protection. The panels provide high levels of mobility during any kind of movement. They also do not bunch or change no matter how long the users have them.
  • The shell of the ballistic shield slides well against whatever clothing the user wears without slipping. This is because the material for the shell is soft and has very low abrasion. It is also lightweight and very comfortable.
  • The straps are soft and wide padded. The mate4rial used on the straps is soft mesh, which ensures the user gets as much comfort as possible. They are adjustable making it possible to get the perfect fit and safety from the shields.