Telegram new update brings the most exciting features

Competition among the messenger apps is rousing day-by-day, the newest open-source app – Telegram also making the tough time for the most-used apps. It just upgraded new version Telegram-4.4 and stimulating functionalities rolled into it. Raise your eyebrows!

With the smartphone in the hand, people are very busy in chatting. A fast, reliable, and wireless communication through a small rectangular window delight the netizens. And the added features like Emojis, Gifs, memes, and sharing media files are another gladden emotion for the people. So, always nosing into the device has been the common activity for most of the users while using messaging apps.

Coming to the Telegram app, mostly recommended messaging app by the open-source developers. This is a sort of app rolled as the most-secure chatting app that uses encryption effectively. And it started glued with smartphones and raised its download graph to millions. However, keeping the competition with another same category apps – Telegram is also evolving and cramming new features into the application.

This app is also available both on Android and iOS, as well as you can download from the following links:

Download Telegram app here: PlayStore |  iTunes

Telegram’s new features from the latest update:

Live Location:

Sharing static locations has some inconsistencies to coordinate with your friend(s). So, to overcome such inconsistencies – Live Location is the one that helps the users to coordinate while having a party or meeting. The Telegram’s new Live Location will give full control for the user, and you can also withdraw sharing live locations with two taps if it isn’t necessary to share.

To use the feature all you have to do is, Go to Chat Window of a Friend or Group. Now, Click on attachment symbol, that will open a slider with options. In that select, Location – which will open up with a map. Hereafter, you can select the ‘Sharing Live Location’ and set the time(15 min, 1 hour, 8 hours). Therefore, Click on Share. That’s it! If you like to withdraw, then click on close live sharing option which appears on Chat Window.

Note: Setting time will help your friend to track you in that time limit.

New Media Player:

The new Media Player helps you to listen to the music on the go while using the app. This feature really helps the youngsters and music lovers. With this new Media player, you can send and receive media files very effectively.

To demonstrate the feature, Search for @cctracks and it will take you to the media files as shown below. Now, tap on the file to download and listen. It will help you to forward, as well as see the profile of the album by a single tap on the title of the track.


Support More Languages:

The telegram app also including new languages which it presently supports 13 languages. It also adds the translation platform which can help the different users from distinct localities. The words and phrases translation is going to updated everytime it listens to new things. So, there is no need of the new upgrade of an app for the new words and phrases translations. Moreover, it is also trying to bring the localization-language support with the help of local communities.

Final Thoughts:

With the power of open-source developers, and communities are really helping the Telegram app one of the most pleased application by users. With the cramming of new features, it really holds the power of domination in the coming years. I wish the viewers to try it out once, have fun!