How to be safe from Android Malware and Hackers?

Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world. As Android is an open source and available to anyone companies and developers can change or modify it as they like. Open Sources always battle with advantages and disadvantages. Companies can create an app and publish their app on the Google Play Store.

Android Users can download the apps they like from Play Store. Few companies or freelance app developers take advantage while creating apps. Android malware can put you in a lot of trouble if you are not careful enough while downloading an app.

We made few tips and suggestions to look before you download an app or anything from Playstore or on the Internet. These suggestions will help you from Android Malware and other important things about your privacy.

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How to be safe from Android Malware and Hackers?

  • Install apps from Google Playstore, don’t install from any third party websites.
  • After clicking on Download do just blindly accept the permissions requested by the applications, read before granting permission. If you find anything suspicious don’t download the app and report it to Google.
  • Update your devices and apps, on the safe side read what update the app company has released before clicking on update.
  • Few anti-malware applications might help you to some extent, but self-awareness is the key to keep your phone data safe.
  • Don’t put any of the most important data on the phone. You may not know what might happen any day. It is always safe to store important data on Google drive or in your personal pen drive.

The most important thing is when you browse the internet do not click on any spam links or any links spam to your eyes. Many hackers and companies are trying and waiting to sell your personal information, don’t be a victim to it. Keep checking your phone apps frequently. Have a safe browsing.