How Data Leakage Protection Software Can Prevent Trade Secret Theft?

Gone are the days when businesses stored information in physical files in office drawers and lockers. One misplaced file (out of heaps of files) could literally have put an organization’s reputation at stake, with information falling in the wrong hands!  Instead, today’s digital world ensures that such worries are put to rest by helping you store large volumes of data digitally.

Yet, there is a growing concern of such digital information getting stolen or being leaked easily. Especially since, with information being stored digitally, hackers can access such data from anywhere in the world!  Therein lies the increased threat of data leakage, leading to your company’s trade secrets being stolen.

Clearly, the protection of your confidential documents has become increasingly difficult, particularly when you consider the possibility of authorized users forwarding them to anyone (either authorized or unauthorized). So, it is no longer just about the information falling into the wrong hands; there is also the possibility of severe misuse of your data.

All the above has increased the need for improved controls over your digital data. This is where Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection software can help with document management and control and preventing data leakage.

The purpose of such a data leakage prevention solution is to prevent all easy methods of data theft, whether it be printing digital information or even taking unauthorized screen grabs of highly confidential data. More importantly, a DRM-enabled tool makes it difficult for anyone (with limited rights) to forward or share important documents.

Also, such software is effective because it does not empower the authorized users of your data to decide who has the “right to know” about the content in the documents. So, you can say that the data theft prevention software is equipped with DRM controls, as applicable to system administrators (with no delegation of such rights to any of the authorized users).

Such strict controls ensure the safety of your data at a higher level and prevent massive-scale scenarios of any data theft.

For example, the company proposals or tenders that your business might be submitting are critical for its long-term success and you would not wish such documents to be accessed in an unauthorized manner.  And, the data leakage protection tool associates the identity of the relevant authorized user with the leak, thereby making it extremely difficult for anyone with bad intentions to steal data without getting caught.

Also, some authorized users may claim to have lost certain critical information and you would never have known what the truth was.  With document theft protection software, such users will no longer be able to use your confidential data as it will immediately revoke any access to such information.

So, the data leakage protection solution uses DRM controls to protect your PDF documents and even web content against any form of data leakage or theft.  Such software also ensures the security and correct use of your data by controlling who can view or access your information, for how long they can do so, and what tasks (printing with dynamic watermarking, downloading, and so on) they can do with your data.

We hope that the above information about the ways in which data leakage protection software prevents trade secret theft proves useful to your business. Feel free to share your feedback and queries (if any) in the comments section below.